Lately it seems that I’ve been a shadow
A Figure on the walls
Looking at myself not making a sound
I can see my pain and feel it the same
It seems ┬áthere’s nothing I can do
I’m a prisoner of my own emotions
Held back in spirit
I have too many demons
and not enough angels
None of my mistakes were ever forgiven
All the love of I gave was worth forgetting
Only if I could make a difference
To give life a reason worth living
To step out the shadows, reborn

Why? (Poem)


Why follow when you can lead
Guide those who are scared to proceed
Enlighten those who are afraid to believe
Take your chance, step up and lead

Why walk when you can soar
Among the clouds, floating for miles
Observing the world, as you watch from above
Relaxed in clouds, embracing the love

Why fall when you can climb
The ground is for a useless mind
Shine, and wisely use your time
Reach, there’s no telling what you can find

This Lonely Road

lonely-road (1)

This lonely road is growing old
The darkness here consumes my soul
This lonely road is getting cold
I’m lost and looking for someone to hold
This lonely road doesn’t let go of the lost
It’s a place you pay regrets pricey cost
This lonely road has no signs for direction
Here, there is only time for reflection
This lonely road has no company
All that is visible is the darkness in front of me
This lonely road will never bear light
When you’re blinded it’s never a fair fight
This lonely road is now my home
And here I am, all alone …