Generation of Change

I sit back and often wonder if there is any hope for this generation. People my age (26) and below seem so misguided, and they believe there’s nothing wrong with not knowing anything about what’s going to happen in their lives down the road. We’re walking around as if there’s no tomorrow or any reason to prepare for tomorrow. Well there is a tomorrow and we better start changing some things today if we’re going to survive.

Sex, money and fun is everything to younger people these days. They look for sex constantly, but do not know the first things about love. They’re out having fun everyday but do not know how to be content at home and safe with loved ones. Money is their top priority but they do not want to do the things necessary to ensure that they will have a enough money to support themselves in the future.


Sex can wait. So many of us have kids(I have none) and do not even care if we have more. If you’re younger than 30 and have one kid, than that is manageable; but there are kids out here 24 years old with three kids and they fail to change their sexual habits. Being sexually active is something you need to think twice about when you’re out there having kids. Think about cutting back, to keep yourself from becoming pregnant or getting someone pregnant. Not only is it a bad idea to have kids at a young age, but most these kids are growing up in single-parent households. If we can’t offer a healthy family setting for our children then we need to get our priorities in order.

There’s no simple answer to any of this but you can help yourself. If you want to raise kids the right way, then it is best that you really start taking your life more serious; not throwing yourself around to anyone willing to sleep with you. Today, just sleeping with someone seems to be a good enough reason to start a relationship and that is truly a shame. There is no more dating or getting to know someone. People are hopping into these quick relationships, having kids, and then finding out that they made a mistake somewhere down the line. At that point it is too late to just up and leave someone, unless you’re preparing yourself and your kid to struggle by not having a complete family and the needed support of a complete family.


Money, we all know how much we need it to take care of ourselves. Do not mistaken taking care of yourself with having money, because they are not the same thing. Our generation is working and spending – that’s it. They are not putting money away for the future. They are setting themselves up to be working for the rest of their lives with no chance at taking the next step. You have to sacrifice the dollar chase and focus on the things that will bring the cash in when it matters most – later in life when it’s time to settle down and be serious.

Focus on establishing a career, or meeting your goals and see where that takes you, before you start spending anything. Save your money while you work your way up the ladder because the ground beneath you can break at any moment – leaving you with little financial stability. When you get to the point in life when you have the job you’ve worked so hard for – then you can afford to be a little more loose. You cannot afford it while you’re working as a nurse or dropping off packages in the middle of the winter. There’s more to life than that if you to search for it.

Fun can wait as well. Have fun when you do not have to go home and worry about if you spent too much money while you were partying all weekend. Have fun when you can actually go home and feel good all week, without worry and stress. For the youth, having an excessive amount of “fun” is just an escape or a way to impress others. These people aren’t really having fun, because eventually they’ll realize that they have wasted a lot of valuable time. You could have been working towards goals instead of drinking and throwing your money away.


Save your time and money. Cut back on the fun, because it isn’t going anywhere. If you choose to live it up now, then you won’t have much to celebrate about when it counts the most. You’re taking away from the time you need to focus, throwing it away, instead of preparing for the future. Not only your future, but your children’s and your family’s future as well. You’ll have a lot more fun at 30 with no worries and a healthy family to come home to, opposed to being a mid-20 something who goes out and blows their whole check on drinks, food and drugs; then going home to an empty bed.

The signs to do better are all around us, but we have to take notice to them. I am apart of this generation, but I’ve survived the blindness. Now I can clearly see our destiny if we do not change our ways. I want everyone to be able to enjoy themselves in the future, even if that means shutting it down for now. Now is our time to grow and learn. You do not want to look back on yourself and wonder how you managed to miss the signs. Read the signs and look for help. Improve yourself – our generation needs a hand, a guide to a better future, but only you can help yourself. Most of us will learn when it is too late, but some of us will be smart enough to know that they need to do better now, so that we can truly enjoy ourselves in the future. Congratulate yourself later, but let us start the change now.


Undercover Racism

I will try my hardest not to come off as a racist myself – because I am not in any way – or piss anyone off. If you can’t handle a man expressing his feelings in a completely honest way, then you should go look at pictures of cats or whatever it is you do in your free time. 

I get the feeling that many people out here are completely fake or they’re hiding their true feelings behind some character they made up, because their true identity is an ugly one both on the inside and the outside. In my life experiences, I’ve come across a lot of different kind of people. I’ve noticed that I tend to like the company of people who are honest. Being honest is better than being nice, especially if it’s just a cover. I’m a 26-year-old black male who has lived in a mostly white town for more than decade. I run across so many white people in my area who smile and pretend that I belong but deep down I get the feeling that they’re always thinking about race and keeping their true feelings hidden. The truth is, I’d rather be the company of an open racist and not in the company of someone who’s being extremely nice and hiding their distaste for my race underneath their cheerful disguise.

It’s truly sad, but they know it is better for them to keep their true feelings hidden. It’s sad but in their hearts, most racists want to scream out racial slurs at the top of lungs and let their feelings be known, but that would be an assassination of their own character. Instead, they pretend that they like you and they hurt you in silent ways. Karma will eventually come back to haunt those people for sure. The racists who have no problem letting their feelings out, are the ones I have respect for. You should never use racism to harm someone or feel the need to yell out slurs, but you should be open if asked or confronted with the issue. If you aren’t you’re just a completely fake person.

I’m a gamer who goes online to play Call of Duty a few times a week. Everyone knows that this game has taken a lot of heat due to the large amount of racial slurs being thrown around in online conversation. It comes as no surprise to me because these racists can hide behind a screen and a gamer-tag while letting their feelings out. This way they avoid exposure or being beaten to a bloody pulp – which most of them deserve. I guarantee that a few of your close friends, white or other, get online and use words like “nigger and spic”. It feels good to them, they have to somehow let their anger out and what better way to do it when no one can see you or harm you? These are your everyday people who are smiling in your face, pretending to have no issue with your race. Behind closed doors, I know that there’s a bit of racist in MOST non-blacks and non-Hispanics. There’s also a huge number of Hispanics who have issues with blacks because they know it’s better for their careers if they side with the more dominant race, especially when they’re signing their paychecks.

The issue of racism will never be solved but I hate the fact that so many people try to hide it. It’s crazy the amount of attention I get when I go to mostly white bars. Someone is always staring, pointing or trying to be cool with me simply because of my race. So many stuck-up white girls just walk right on past not even looking my way and I’m not a bad-looking guy at all. It’s sad that they can look at my color and instantly decide that I’m not their type; even though they have the right to – they still act like we can be friends or as if they have no issue with my race. Honestly, racism gives me motivation. It makes me want to go to these bars even more because I know all eyes will be on me. I feel bigger than I am because these people dislike me and they can do NOTHING about it. It reminds them just how far my race has come that we can walk proud in the same crown even if we aren’t wanted.

It’s really a good feeling. I wish more people could find a way to find motivation from racism, it truly does strengthen your character. It also make those people envy you even more. Racism used to strictly about color but now it has become more about envy and style. People look at blacks and hate the fact we’ve come so far and that we are leaders in style,music and sports. While everyone should be striving for peace, they’re just pretending race is not an issue – burying their hatred beneath mounds of bullshit. It’s better to just be open and have some dignity and not hiding it. If I have something derogatory to say about someone’s race then I’ll just come it and say it, not caring about what anyone thinks. I’m man enough to back my feelings up with words and that makes me better than all of you who hide behind those ugly smiles.

Where Is My Freedom of Speech?

I have always been an outspoken person who encourages others to speak their minds. It’s sad that we live in a world where words can cost someone so much. The reason we have to be careful with what we say is because there’s a lot of people out there who don’t like to speak their minds or hear the truth. All those people tend to do is try to put a muzzle on us who’d rather hear the truth than live with the lies. It’s important than everyone’s voice is heard today and no one should discourage anyone who wants to be heard, no matter how hurtful, truthful or disliked their opinions and statements are.

In a nutshell, it seems like America is become more soft by the minute. You see celebrities getting hung out to dry because of their actions on social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. A prime example is sports. Athletes are fined every week for something they said online – which is outrageous to me. How can you fine someone for voicing their opinions. What happened to this being a free country and being able to speak freely. I’m so much for one being able to voice their opinion, that I’ve often let racist comment slide because I respect one’s right to freely express their feelings. No one should be forced to bottle their opinions and views just because certain people can’t understand or are too weak to handle conversation that they don’t completely agree with.

I want this world to be how it was, where us as people knew we could say whatever we wanted as long as it isn’t directly meant to hurt anyone. There’s a difference between an opinion and a personal attack on someone’s character. The media loves to mash the two together; which is unfair. It is time for America to toughen up and learn to stand their ground with words and not complaining, filing charges and fining people. I won’t be one to tell my kid – when I have one – that they have to be careful with what they want to say. I want them to know that they have to believe and stand behind their feelings, no matter how others take it. Keeping hush isn’t an option for people like me. I love to heard and I love the reactions I get – even the negative reactions. I will not be quiet just because certain people can’t handle the truth. It’s my life, and I have the right to speak my mind and all cost.


A World Without Racism


I don’t know if America understands how racism not only affects blacks, but how it affects us all. It’s sad that in the year 2013 we’re still on the topic of racism. My father used to tell me that there would always be racism in the world, he was right. I myself am not, nor was I ever a racist. I’m actually not bothered by racism, because it’s so irrelevant in the progression of mankind. Racism will only hold us all back. If you’ve lived long enough, then you’ve most likely had to confront racism head on or you know someone who’s had to deal with racism. Nothing good ever comes of out hatred, and that’s exactly what racism is. It’s not a black versus white thing, it’s a you versus me thing. Instead of working together to provide a safer community for our children live, some of us would rather separated ourselves. Racist or not, we are all human and that’s the only classification that matters. If our world was overtaken by alien lifeforms we wouldn’t divide depending on our ethnic backgrounds, we would all unite as one race to defend our homes.

My family moved from a mostly black community in North Philadelphia to a white dominated neighborhood in Delaware. Our neighbors never greeted us, til this day I do not know any of my neighbors. They refuse to even look our way when we’re outside. Their actions don’t offend me, but I start to feel sorry for people like them who have no idea what experiences they’re passing up on by looking down on an entire race. I embrace different cultures from all over the world. I personally would never discriminate against anyone for anything. I believe that everyone has the right to be as they are and to live their lives without judgement. Living with prejudice is like giving up the right to understand how a certain culture operates. Racism is a self-destructive tool that needs to be eradicated so our children can live without those barriers. It’s truly up to those people to free themselves of the hatred and embrace the message of peace and love. Every single person on this planet deserves a chance to be understood, a chance to be loved, a chance to be seen as an equal. Today is your day to make a change, a change that’ll be passed on from generation to generation.

Distant Generations


As a 25 year old, it’s safe to say that I belong to the new generation. Past generations have all had their own styles and ways of doing things. Some would say that my generation is the most problematic and hopeless generations of them all. Kids brought up with bad morals, careless parents, economy crisis, violence, and drug abuse. I’m not denying the fact that life today is pretty complicated for the youth but I refuse to believe that we have no hope. We aren’t perfect but we deserve respect. A respect that’s been lost between us and our elders. We’ve become two groups of people who have nothing in common and are forced to live and breathe the same air.

It seems as if there will always be this battle between generations. One relationship I share with my mother’s boyfriend is a prime example of that battle. We come from two completely different places, with two completely different ways of doing things. I go right, he goes left, he goes up, and I go down. Two complete opposite people that have to somehow bond because of the relationship we share with my mother.

My mother’s boyfriend and I have had our battles throughout the years. He saw me as a kid from a generation that didn’t appreciate anything. I saw him as a man from a generation that didn’t know anything about my generation. We instantly clashed. I personally didn’t have an issue with how he did things or what he thought of me or my peers. It seemed like it was a bigger deal to him. He was and still is the type of person that’s good at doing things with his hands. A real blue collar worker with some military and construction background. Me being his opposite, I always approached the situation with my brain. I was good with computers and thinking of safer and more efficient ways of getting things done opposed to his hands on style.

My way was never good enough for him and His way couldn’t cut it when I needed his assistance. This went on for years. Even though we had this common disagreement about everything, we both knew that we needed each other because truthfully, there was no one else around to help. That realization really opened up both of our eyes. There was no reason to fight about who’s way is right or who’s generations was smarter, it was time to use our strengths to make up for the other’s weaknesses. I was the one planning things, using the computer to find materials we needed, and information we could use to aid us in projects around the house or on jobs we did together when helping family members. He was the one who executed the plan and lead the way when it was time for the physical side of our equation.

We had found a way to connect the distance between our generations. The less time we spent arguing, the more time we had to get things done. We stopped caring about which of us were right, who’s generation was smarter, why we were wrong and started caring about having one goal and helping each other reach that goal. Things started to run a lot smoother between us from there on out. We had solved an everlasting problem between two generations. We found a way to stop discriminating against one another’s abilities or lack there of and started to teach each other to be just as sharp as the other in their own respected fields. Now If our divided generations could see how things how we see them, we wouldn’t have this resentment towards each other. We could come together and work as a unit so there won’t be a gap between the generations of the near and distant future.

If I Ruled The World


If I ruled the world there would be no tragedies. We wouldn’t have to look over our shoulders in fear. If this world were mine, everyone would be safe. There would be no religions to follow as my people would only believe in peace. We wouldn’t worry about the afterlife, we would only worry about the things we can control in our lives. If the world was mine, there would be no one left behind. There would be nobody left out on the streets, no one struggling to find a bite to eat. I would starve just so my people wouldn’t know what it felt like to be hungry.

In my world, there would be no laws. Everyone would be happy, there would be no need for crime. There would be no jails or cells to deprive anyone of life. The schools and hospitals would be as big as cities. Everyone would embrace the importance of learning and being successful. In my world respect will be given to all. There would be no need to fight because everyone would rather show love instead. There would be no arguing because everyone’s opinions and actions would not be judged.

If I ruled the ruled. Everyone would have friends. No one would ever feel lonely because someone will always be by their sides. Everyday would be celebrated as if it were a holiday. Wars would be replace with parties, weapons with hugs, and death with life. My world will be equal, no land would be divided. There will be no race classifications because being human is the only classification that matters. We will learn to express our feelings even to strangers. We will all want the next man to be just as happy as we are. In my world there will be no questions because we would all have the answers. If I ruled the world, we’d all live forever and we’d all live together.