Life is death and death is life

To have the whole thing is to have a slice

Taking a gamble to is hold the dice

We are winning to lose

And it’s all to confuse

The truth or a lie …

Which do we choose ??


No Pain ! No Gain

Happiness is the best feeling anyone could experience. Even if it lasts for a second, being happy is just an incredible feeling. What bothers me is everyone’s goal to avoid pain in search for everlasting happiness. Without pain, we wouldn’t even know what it really means to be happy. We all want it easy but it will never be easy. We are a generation built from pain.

Our failures make is who we are, the happiness is just the payoff for success. Happiness is an emotion, pain is an experience. An experience we have to embrace in order to understand what happiness is. I’ve had more bad days than good, there’s no question about that, but I wouldn’t change that for anything … Why ? Because those bad days molded me into who I am, how I think, and how hard I work to reach my goals.

Pain is just as important of a learning tool as happiness is. In my life, personally, I don’t regret anything. Today, after dealing with so much negativity in life, I want to be happy … forever. In order to see that, I knew I had to go through more bad experiences than good. I’m proud to have struggled in life at some point. It made me embrace the negative just as much as the positive.

Ordinary People

People come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. People can put you through the happiest times of your life or it could be the exact opposite. Family is good for putting you through the best and worst of things. We as people are still learning how to truly accept each other and our roles in life and the lives of the people around us.I believe it’s best for us to try and embrace people to the fullest.

The reason I say TRY is because I know how hard some folk can make it to really appreciate anything about them. Then there are the ones who give you trouble but you know they want the best for you. There’s even the people who you may not know very well. Not knowing someone too well is a perfect excuse to get to know them. There’s never any telling what a person can teach you. You can learn so much from people without even noticing.

Trust is a big reason a lot of people don’t last as friends or in any relationship. I believe this is because most people like to have trust earned. I give people the opportunity to gain my trust rater quickly if I haven’t given it to them already. If someone does not deserve your trust they will eventually find a way to lose that trust you began with. Let time be the judge of if someone of worth trusting. For starters just take pride in meeting a new person. After all, we are just ordinary people.