Generation of Change

I sit back and often wonder if there is any hope for this generation. People my age (26) and below seem so misguided, and they believe there’s nothing wrong with not knowing anything about what’s going to happen in their lives down the road. We’re walking around as if there’s no tomorrow or any reason to prepare for tomorrow. Well there is a tomorrow and we better start changing some things today if we’re going to survive.

Sex, money and fun is everything to younger people these days. They look for sex constantly, but do not know the first things about love. They’re out having fun everyday but do not know how to be content at home and safe with loved ones. Money is their top priority but they do not want to do the things necessary to ensure that they will have a enough money to support themselves in the future.


Sex can wait. So many of us have kids(I have none) and do not even care if we have more. If you’re younger than 30 and have one kid, than that is manageable; but there are kids out here 24 years old with three kids and they fail to change their sexual habits. Being sexually active is something you need to think twice about when you’re out there having kids. Think about cutting back, to keep yourself from becoming pregnant or getting someone pregnant. Not only is it a bad idea to have kids at a young age, but most these kids are growing up in single-parent households. If we can’t offer a healthy family setting for our children then we need to get our priorities in order.

There’s no simple answer to any of this but you can help yourself. If you want to raise kids the right way, then it is best that you really start taking your life more serious; not throwing yourself around to anyone willing to sleep with you. Today, just sleeping with someone seems to be a good enough reason to start a relationship and that is truly a shame. There is no more dating or getting to know someone. People are hopping into these quick relationships, having kids, and then finding out that they made a mistake somewhere down the line. At that point it is too late to just up and leave someone, unless you’re preparing yourself and your kid to struggle by not having a complete family and the needed support of a complete family.


Money, we all know how much we need it to take care of ourselves. Do not mistaken taking care of yourself with having money, because they are not the same thing. Our generation is working and spending – that’s it. They are not putting money away for the future. They are setting themselves up to be working for the rest of their lives with no chance at taking the next step. You have to sacrifice the dollar chase and focus on the things that will bring the cash in when it matters most – later in life when it’s time to settle down and be serious.

Focus on establishing a career, or meeting your goals and see where that takes you, before you start spending anything. Save your money while you work your way up the ladder because the ground beneath you can break at any moment – leaving you with little financial stability. When you get to the point in life when you have the job you’ve worked so hard for – then you can afford to be a little more loose. You cannot afford it while you’re working as a nurse or dropping off packages in the middle of the winter. There’s more to life than that if you to search for it.

Fun can wait as well. Have fun when you do not have to go home and worry about if you spent too much money while you were partying all weekend. Have fun when you can actually go home and feel good all week, without worry and stress. For the youth, having an excessive amount of “fun” is just an escape or a way to impress others. These people aren’t really having fun, because eventually they’ll realize that they have wasted a lot of valuable time. You could have been working towards goals instead of drinking and throwing your money away.


Save your time and money. Cut back on the fun, because it isn’t going anywhere. If you choose to live it up now, then you won’t have much to celebrate about when it counts the most. You’re taking away from the time you need to focus, throwing it away, instead of preparing for the future. Not only your future, but your children’s and your family’s future as well. You’ll have a lot more fun at 30 with no worries and a healthy family to come home to, opposed to being a mid-20 something who goes out and blows their whole check on drinks, food and drugs; then going home to an empty bed.

The signs to do better are all around us, but we have to take notice to them. I am apart of this generation, but I’ve survived the blindness. Now I can clearly see our destiny if we do not change our ways. I want everyone to be able to enjoy themselves in the future, even if that means shutting it down for now. Now is our time to grow and learn. You do not want to look back on yourself and wonder how you managed to miss the signs. Read the signs and look for help. Improve yourself – our generation needs a hand, a guide to a better future, but only you can help yourself. Most of us will learn when it is too late, but some of us will be smart enough to know that they need to do better now, so that we can truly enjoy ourselves in the future. Congratulate yourself later, but let us start the change now.


I Set My World On Fire

I have set my world on fire. Burning everything that has held me back before. I will take the ashes and use them to rebuild my life. No longer will I leave a gasoline trail so that someone can throw a lit match when I reach my goals. No one will be able to deter me from success. As that fire burns, I’m searching around on my soul to throw any negativity into the blaze. I will do away with all the bad. I feel more relieved as the pain turns into thick black smoke, disappearing into thin air. It will be a test to rebuild but that’s fine with me as long as the pieces come from positive components.


The Smell of Roses


Life moves so fast. It’s hard to stop and take a deep breath. If you don’t stop and smell the roses, then you’ll keep on moving on until it’s too late. We fail to realize that we need to stop in order to truly embrace what’s going on around us. You could be at the top of the Empire State Building, but it won’t mean anything if you don’t pause to embrace that very moment. Our minds are overwhelmed with everyday tasks. Tasks that as humans, need to be done, but should never keep you away from taking a break when you need to. Constantly staying busy will keep your mind busy as well.  Stop, clear your mind, and look around. Embrace everything for what it is, take nothing for granted. One should do this at least once a day. If you don’t do it once a day, it’ll be hard to even do it once in a lifetime because life will always keep you moving, thinking, and reacting.  It’s up to you, you can live without a true understanding and appreciating for everything you’re working and living for or you can stop and smell the roses.

In The Night

Night Skies: Moon, Venus, Jupiter In Tight Company

I live in the dark. I come alive in the night. The day is my platform, in the darkness I start to form art. Like a vampire seeking blood in the night, I’m wide awake, working towards my goals. Nothing bothers me at this time. The night air is peaceful, the summer temperatures are cool, and the whole world is sound asleep. This is the perfect time for me. I don’t have to listen to anyone, I don’t have to be anywhere, I am a loner here in the night. No one can see my faults or hear my cries. No one can get in my way. The roads are empty, and the skies are bright, at night everything feels so right.


Here I Am


I’ve given it my all and I still seem to fall. I’ve tried to stand tall but the ground beneath my feet rumbles and brings me down. I try to get up, but I slip, I crawl, and I fall right back in place. If I could just get to my feet, I could Walk away from the broken pavement. I could step over the cracks, onto the greener grass nearby. Here I remain, stuck, watching others stare in shame, pointing, and laughing.

They don’t know how hard it is to step froward when you’re standing on unsubtle ground. They have never been in my place, they know only what they see. They don’t know that it could be them here instead of me. One wrong turn could lead them down a broken road. Only if they’d help me, I’d help them avoid making the same mistakes I did.

I wish things were different. I wish I could walk freely, think clearly, and live peacefully. I know my position isn’t the best but I only make the best of it. Every time I get to my feet I feel a slight spark of hope. Maybe one day the rumbling beneath me will end. Eventually I will step forward and live on even grounds. Nothing can keep me down forever. I will stand tall and walk proud one day …. some day.

I Just Want To Know …


I just want to know … Is this hard work going to pay off or is everything going to waste ?

I just want to know … Is love really worth the pain or am I a fool lost in my own emotions ?

I just want to know … Is happiness in my future or should I get used to being down ?

I just want to know … Does my life have meaning or am I living just to die ?

I just want to know … Is there a Heaven or are we praying to an empty sky ?

I just want to know … Can anyone answer these questions or is this an endless search for answers ?