The Inside of Change


Regardless of how you spent the every second of your life before today, feel free to change everything and anything you feel necessary. Don’t hold yourself back, trying to be someone everyone else is used to. People may say you’ve changed, but change is for the better sometimes. Do whatever you need to do to get your life straight. Put yourself in place to do things differently, hopefully opening your mind up to new things and new ways to go about living life. Don’t feel the need to always be the same. You won’t be losing yourself with change. You’ll be finding a part of your that you didn’t know was there. You have to change to grow, so go for it. It is 2014 and most of us need something new. New goals, new people in our lives, new stories; all while doing away with old and tiring habits.  A change is needed and we need to change now, before we become too familiar with those olds ways. Search for something different, be someone new, and you never know what new opportunities will arise.


The Puzzle of Life

puzzle of life

Life is a puzzle. In the beginning we aren’t given every piece we need to complete the puzzle. We acquire more pieces as we grow and learn the purpose or our lives.

As we live and experience life, we are given more puzzle pieces. Everyone’s puzzle is different. Some puzzles are harder than others. Some are easier to complete, some of us have more pieces than others, and some of us will never see our puzzle get completed.

It’s up to each of us to do whatever it takes to see that our puzzles do indeed get completed one day. Every day gives us the opportunity to put together more and more pieces so that our picture becomes clearer. Some will know how to finish their puzzle sooner than others. Those who do will then be able to help others put their pieces in the right places.

When pieces are misplaced we have to figure out where they belong. It’s okay for us to go back over pieces we’ve already used. No one normally completes their puzzle on the first attempt. Don’t get discouraged when pieces become lost or damaged, there are more pieces that can replace those that are missing.

Be patient but be aware that there is a limit to how much time we have to finish. That doesn’t mean rush but what it does mean is to make sure that every puzzle piece is handled with love and care. The harder you try, the better the outcome. The ultimate prize is completing your puzzle to see what a beautiful work of art you’ve put together. Good luck !

The Beautiful Ugly Truth

Beauty is seen in few but respected by all. That statement couldn’t be any more backwards for me. Beauty has become some portrait painted by big business. A picture we all love to blindly stare upon. When we think of beauty we think of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Beyonce Knowles, or anyone who’s had the opportunity to grace the cover of a Maxim magazine. Beauty is said to be a gift given at birth, a statement in which I fail to stand beside. The beauty we are all so in love with is a lab project by it’s creators, money and power. Those in high positions can buy beauty, they don’t have to be born with it. Through my eyes I see beauty in a way most people won’t understand. To me it isn’t about how smooth your face is, how godly of a body you have, or the style of your hair and clothes. Being beautiful comes in many more forms to me and none of those glamour points count with me.

You are not born with beauty, you are born with a face just like everyone else. Those shallow people will put a definition on your physical traits and you will feed into the hype. Your physical make-up isn’t apart of being a beautiful. It may land you a modeling deal or attract onlookers but by no means do I think it makes you beautiful. The ugly truth is, the things that make you beautiful aren’t the things that we can see, but rather the things than we can feel. Being loving, caring, helpful, leading, kind, insightful, thoughtful, those are the things that make up everything worth staring, gazing, in awe of ones beauty. Who you really are inside is what should rightfully decide on whether you are seen as dreadful, or simply a wonder to all. Covering your face in make-up, or throwing on an expensive won’t help your cause. You have the earn the label of being beautiful and work twice as hard to maintain it. Good Luck.