Lusting For Love

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I’ve personally been through some very rocky relationships in my past – most with women who were sure they loved me but actually did not know the first thing about love. Me, I believe I have an idea of what love is, but most importantly – I do know when I love someone wholeheartedly or if I’m just putting on a show. Sadly for me, I have also had my run with women who have put on shows. Honestly, I have never not wanted to be in a relationship with the person I chose to take the leap with. Far too many times do I see women who just want to be in love and not actually caring who it is they’re in love with. That’s what I call lusting for love. Those are some of the toughest relationships to deal with because those type of people are hard to crack and will do anything to keep their lust for love fed. It is a dangerous game once a partner sees that their lover is just with them because they fear being lonely, instead of naturally feeling like they belong with you.

Last night was a prime example of how a person can be very misleading with love. I will not go into details but a female whom a very good friend was dating showed her boyfriend that she was with him for all the wrong reasons. Once he caught wind of who she truly was, she did everything in her power to keep things going – to keep herself happy and in love, regardless of how hurt my friend was about the situation. Girls who just want to be with someone for the ride aren’t easy to break as I said before. You have to notice the little things they do to crack their code. These type people are usually party going, materialistic type of people whom have a hard time staying in one place too long. Watch out for these people on your journey to the promise land of love, because you won’t see them coming. Be aware.

Post From My New Blog — Finding Our Way Through

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We can only reach new heights by getting over our lowest points. There are ups without downs. Embrace the hard times and use them to elevate yourself to a higher plateau. Our emotions entrap us at times, keeping us grounded. It is normal to feel sad during hard times but it is also possible to feel happy during sad times if you allow the joy to overcome that sorrow within you. I am happy at the moment, but that doesn’t mean I can’t feel sadness at any moment. You control your emotions. If you feel sad, it is because you allow yourself to feel that way. Stop the sadness and allow yourself to feel happiness when you need it the most. If all else fails, listen to the song in the link – Pharrell Williams – Happy

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I Set My World On Fire

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I have set my world on fire. Burning everything that has held me back before. I will take the ashes and use them to rebuild my life. No longer will I leave a gasoline trail so that someone can throw a lit match when I reach my goals. No one will be able to deter me from success. As that fire burns, I’m searching around on my soul to throw any negativity into the blaze. I will do away with all the bad. I feel more relieved as the pain turns into thick black smoke, disappearing into thin air. It will be a test to rebuild but that’s fine with me as long as the pieces come from positive components.


Writing Saved My Life

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Many of you may have heard the term “I am my own worst enemy” before, but I’ve lived it. Looking back a few years ago – I was lost. The things I held close are become more and more distant with each passing day. I was a bit younger than; figuring I could afford to make mistakes, but now I realize what those mistakes has cost me. All the time I spent drinking, smoking and involving myself with witless women, was time I could have used to be productive. I know better now, but I wish I could have known then. I’m just starting to really enjoy relaxing and writing. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but never took the time to actually do it. Recently, I sat down and made it happen. All it took was time and dedication. I now have my foot in the door as a sports writer – something I should have accomplished a long time ago.

Things aren’t just going to go to waste like they used to. I now love to write more than ever – even if I spend my whole day writing, I just want to write more and more until my hands feel like they’re going to fall off. Okay maybe not to that point, but you get my drift. I would never want to look back and alter anything because I wouldn’t be to the point I am now. It took all the negative to build up this confidence and my need to avoid unnecessary things in life. I’m young and I have no kids – what do I really have to complain about? A lot is what I used to tell myself, but now I realize that I have everything to be happy about. It’s all about the future. Everything I do now feels so good because I know I’m working towards goals that’ll make my future all the more enjoyable.

This isn’t all about me either. It’s actually more about my family than anything. The sad part is that they’ll never know it. All they see is a selfish kid who’d rather write than do work around the house all day. I guess everyone isn’t going to understand why I do certain things but it doesn’t matter as long as I know I’m doing the right things in my mind. Still, I love my family and I want this for them. So I can make sure they will always be safe and live peacefully without me bringing in any drama from the streets like I used to. One day they will be happy that I ignored them to write(lol).

I knew if I were going to make drastic changes – I had to be selfish. There wasn’t going to be anymore worrying about what others think or do. I couldn’t want a relationship or someone to care for me. I knew I had to avoid some of my closest friends and family just so I could give all my focus to writing. Writing has saved my life. I wouldn’t trade many thing in the world for the ability to sit down and pour my heart onto a piece of paper, or computer screen. It’s truly a blessing that I’m headed in the right direction as a writer. I wouldn’t want to be rich, I don’t need millions of dollars and a model girlfriend – I just want to write. All of the fun, women and friends can wait on the side while I do my thing. I’m sorry if anyone takes it personal or decides to hate me for it, but understand – it’s what I need to do in life to be satisfied. I don’t jump in front of anyone who’s on their way to succeeding, so I don’t expect anyone to hop in my way. I wish everyone the best and I hope everyone can want the same for me. If not, it won’t change a thing but you won’t be there when I come out on the other side.

Take Control of Yourself

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At some point in our lives we all have asked ourselves why we were placed on this earth. While there’s no obvious answer to that question, it’s obvious that we were placed here to live out our individual lives as we please. Each of us are unique in our own ways. Some believe we all are apart of some big plan or destiny but nobody can really but any truth to those views. The truth is we shouldn’t look for the answer to a question that has already been answered. We are put on this earth to live and to die. What happens in between then is completely up to you to decide, but only if you’re ready for that responsibility. You have to take control of you life even when you feel completely lost. It’s your job to be able to find yourself again because there will not be a search party out looking for you.

While we don’t always know what could happen next in our lives or how the future will pan out, what we do know or should know is who we are and what we are capable of. The answer to the question of why we are here, lies within all of us. Believe it or not, we all have authority over our destinies. There will be times when you feel like you have no control over anything going on around you or within you. We cannot plan out everything that happens to us but what we can do is take control of each situation as it presents itself. There will be times you fail and you will question whether you have any control of life at all. Those questions are completely normal. Still, do not lose hope when life gets a bit bumpy. The answer to all of your problems are within your mind, body, and soul. There’s no situation in life that you can’t handle as long as you have complete control of your mind, body, and soul.

When you know who you are, what you want, and how you should handle life’s problems, then you will realize that you can overcome anything at anytime. Having faith in yourself is jut as important as having faith in any person or higher power. We can’t stop tragedy, death or any of life’s mishaps, but what we can do is control how it affects us. Knowing how to react and what steps to take next after some of life’s more trying moments will prepare you for those reoccurring problems in the future. If you don’t know how you will handle something, then you need to dig deep and find those answers because nobody else can provide you with those answers. I know who I am, I know what I want to do, and I know which disadvantages there are and which advantages I have in order to get me through life without feeling like I’ve lost my grip on things. Grab control of your yourself and you will see that there are more things in life that are ultimately in your hands and not anyone else’s. Become the ruler of your actions and emotions. Don’t let outside influences make decisions that you should be making for yourself. Once you acquire that ultimate authority you just have to know what to do with from that point on.


BE Yourself

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I remember when fitting in was the popular thing to do. I knew people who got completely out of character in order to mix in with the cool crowd. At the time I was amongst those kids looking for a place to fit in. I found myself straying away from the things I loved most, just so I could seem cooler to people who really didn’t matter to me.

To this very day, those same people are still trying to fit in. Although they aren’t in high school they try to relate to their co-workers, family, and friends by taking on a completely different persona. A person that those friends can relate to. Me, well I gave up on fitting in a long time ago. If being myself makes me an outcast well that’s just the way it’s going to be.

I will never again try to be someone I’m not just to save face for people who can’t accept who I really am. Some people may dislike the real me but those who love me only love me for who it is I am and not who I try to be. I’m a young, opinionated, outspoken, and brutally honestly person. Like it or not, that’s just me.

Those are some traits you just can’t show when you’re trying to be accepted by whomever it is you put your mask on for. I took that mask off a long time ago and realized that I have to be me. I’m just different than a lot of people I know. I take pride in being different. i speak my mind and I don’t worry about meaningless opinions. People will judge you no matter how you project yourself.

I know some people who live off of trying to please others. I could never be that type of person. I may be annoying and hard to understand at times but I always speak the truth. Everything I do and say comes from the heart. I barely ever have to think about what I’m going to say because nobody knows me better than me. It’s far more easy to be yourself than it is to be that person you want everyone to believe you are.

Being different is okay. Being normal is fine too, but being “fake” is unacceptable.