Circle of Life


Trapped in a prison of illusions;

Intertwined in a life with no solutions,

At every turn there’s a question with no answer;

For every smile there’s a more threatening cancer,

The rubble we walked upon is the road of life;

A freeway of pain, broken dreams and spite,

What we see is what we get;

and what we know is all there is,

Life forms in circles, giving us one way to live.


Social Trap

There’s a map we’ve all been taught to follow since the beginning of time. It’s the a map that supposedly leads us all to happiness but all we’ve been left with is pain. We never doubted for one second that the plan the world has laid out for is nothing more than a trap. It is a ploy to keep us from evolving and finding true happiness. They tell us to work, not to steal, to vote and we’ll be happy one day. What they don’t prepare us for is the failure that becomes clear after you’ve spent your entire life following this plan of theirs. It’s time we make our own plans, our own religions, and our own laws. We’re voting for causes we have no choice to believe in. We’re voting and gambling with our own lives and it’s time it stops. Our fear fuels a government that does everything to keep us caged. Let the government crumble. Stop voting, stop caring and leave them with no option but to expose themselves as the frauds they’ve always been. There’s a plan they have that doesn’t need our help. Do you think our vote counts? It doesn’t. We have to find a way to prove that we won’t stand idly by and let them turn our lives into some boring reach for happiness. Don’t be afraid to let thing break down, because there will be truth within the rubble. Take a chance to make a difference. Lead your own life, not a life that has been forced on you. Break the mold, let go and let the world crumble in your hands and lets rebuild it with our own goals and leave the future generations with a new plan to follow. A plan that doesn’t involve breaking your back to impress the world. A plan that leaves hopes instead of trails of devastation. There’s hope for a new world, but it doesn’t involve taxes, health care, and presidents. When we all realize this then we’ll be better off.

Believe In Yourself


Some of us turn to religion, some to science, I choose to turn to myself. My beliefs are just as important as any. Just because I choose to follow my own lead, doesn’t mean that I am lost. I have provided myself with guidelines to help me reach my goals. I’m different from most people, but so are you. If you find yourself lost, with few things to believe in, just believe in yourself. Be your own religion. You are smart enough to make wise choices in life, but you’re also human enough to make mistakes. We don’t need religion to tell us what’s right and what’s wrong, we know what’s good for us and what isn’t. What’s bad for one isn’t always necessarily bad for the other. If you have to take a longer road than most, well so be it. You just have to make sure that you walk that road with a certain sense of pride. Walk with your head high and your map laid out in front you. Organize your trip. Know when to start, when to rest, and when to reach out for help. ┬áNever lose hope in yourself. Have as much faith in yourself as religious types have in their God. Be your higher power, be your creator. Your mind is your most powerful tool. As long as you believe in your mind, your heart will follow. Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to be, is up to you. You have that power within you to do anything you want. You may not be able to walk on water, but you have the power to change anything within you and around you. All you have to do is just believe, in yourself.

A Soul For Sell


The other day I decided to sell my soul. The following morning I awoke draped in gold. At that point I knew my soul was gone. I could feel the emptiness inside of me. At the same time knew I could have anything I wanted in life. One doesn’t sell his soul to deal with the ordinary troubles of a normal life. One sells his soul knowing that great things will come his way. I continued to lie there in bed, patiently calculating my next step. Thinking clearly seemed harder than ever but I didn’t have to think. Everything was so clear, anything I did from here on out would result in gain.

I finally stepped out of bed. When my feet hit the floor I felt like a brand new person. It was like I didn’t know who I was before. I had no goals, I had no luck, I was running in place. Things were different now. After I ate the first breakfast of my new life, I called to quit my job. Afterwards, I made my way to the closest casino. I felt unstoppable, everything I touched seemingly turned into gold. I knew why but I didn’t expect things to work so quickly. I was winning large amounts of money in short periods of time. I walked out of that place with money falling out of every pocket. I went on a long walk so I could take time to embrace what had just happened. On my walk, every girl I passed had an eye for me. I knew I could have any one of them at any time. Nobody would ever think I sold my soul for instant success, to them I was just the luckiest man alive.

I still couldn’t decide on what my next big move was. Not knowing what else to do, I returned home. I sat there and tried to think but I just couldn’t. I guess I didn’t know how to think now that I had this new found glory. I spent so much time thinking about how to be successful that now that I had that success I didn’t know what to think about. My actions today felt like they were controlled. I didn’t regret selling my soul. I figured most people would do the same if they were presented the opportunity. As time passed, I started to feel lonely, more lonely than I’ve ever felt in my life. I tried to ignore the feeling but the more I tried to do that, the more lonely I felt.


I had to reach out to someone before these feelings drove me insane. I picked up the phone and called my brother. He told me that I sounded different. I just told him I was having a really good day. I knew that my brother could feel whatever it was I was going through now that my soul was absent. Whatever it was, he didn’t like it. He told me to never call him again. I knew I should have felt upset or worried but I didn’t feel anything. I then decided to call my mother. She was just as unhappy as my brother. Telling me that I’ve changed for the worst. It was like they knew I had nothing inside of me. She quickly hung up. I sat there in confusion as for I couldn’t understand why my family had turned their back on me so quickly.

I sat there in that chair, staring at the phone. I tried to conjure up any emotion I could but for some odd reason I just couldn’t. The more I thought about it, the more angry I became. I had a pocket full of money and every ounce of luck on my side. I don’t know how someone with so much luck and instant success could feel so unlucky. Suddenly, it dawned on me. I thought the result of selling my soul would ultimately secure a spot in hell for me. What I didn’t realize is that my soul controlled my emotions and my relationships with the people I cared for the most. Without it, I couldn’t feel anything. I couldn’t have a relationship with anyone. I had sold any chance of true happiness in exchange for material things that I couldn’t even appreciate. I thought selling my soul would bring me so much success and money that I would be forever happy. Without feelings, that would never happen. Without my soul, without my family, without my feelings …. I have no reason to live.

The World That Never Was

We are all living in a world that never was. A vision of God that never got a chance to see the light. Doomed by man, succeeded by sin. We are all victims to our own plan. Love is rare and the hatred fuels everything. Free will is a blessing but we use it as a weapon. We destroy as we build. We build only to destroy.

Can we be saved? Does anyone want to save us? Or is the plan to self destruct and leave light for those waiting to take our place. Peace, to us is just a word, not an action. Peace is something I’ve never seen. War is a reality. We belong to sin. We are prisoners without chains, rebels without causes, beings with no future.

We’ve managed to run in circles and think we’re moving ahead. We’re living in a world that never was. A world that may someday, be. Our children deserve the life that we passed on. The future generations can’t follow in our footsteps. A savior has to rise and lead the future. Our past has to be buried to never be dug up. The more we destroy, may be the better. The rubble we leave behind will be the platform to rebuild a peaceful world.

In The End

People often question what happens in the end. Ya know, death. I don’t think about that, It’s not because my lack of religious devotion, but for far more complicated reasons. Well maybe there isn’t much more complicated than religion but rather than focusing on the after life, I focus on what imprint I’d then have left on people up until the point of my demise. I can’t physically take anything with me so I have to leave something behind for those I care for. No matter my views on religion, I want to leave happy, and knowing that my friends and family were proud of the way I’ve lead my life. Up until this point that isn’t near the truth, but it doesn’t stop me from getting to that point. So I guess if there’s no pearly gates or fiery┬ápits, in the end … I just want happiness.