Failure Is Only Temporary

When you’re down there’s no way you could go any lower. When you’re high, there’s always room to rise. We will only go reach as far as we extend. There’s only one rock bottom, but there’s an unlimited space to fly among the stars. The bad things will fade away, while the good times will last forever. Don’t strap yourself down in self-pity. Get up and start your ascension into the sky. If you aren’t going to try to reach unbelievable new heights, then you should move over and make room for someone who will at least try to soar. At birth, there’s only one way to go for human beings and that’s forward. There is no retracting time. Move on through positivity and use the negative as a stepping stone. Remember this: there is no limits on success and failure is only temporary.


Progressing Better


Progression makes the world spin. I know that now. Change is a constant but change isn’t always good. What is always good is progression. No single person should go throughout life without striving to be better.

I wake up with every intention at learning something new or working on something old. If I do either of those things, I have made progress. we are judged by our actions but not the intent of our actions.

We can’t make everyone happy not should we want to. We need those people who bring out the bad in us to want to be better. As long as you intend on making things better … They will eventually get better. It’s as easy as trying.

Be better at being you, be better at being better, be better at everything.