The Love Down Under

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Find Love

If you want to find love, there’s no need to search anywhere besides deep within your soul. We all posses love inside of us. Naturally, we feel like we know when we’re in love. Love at first sight needs to explanation. It’s a unmistakable feeling, all you have to do is follow the lead of love. Your heart shows you exactly what you’re missing and you instantly feel complete. Love is puzzle, and we have every piece to that puzzle scattered beneath us, buried in our pain, waiting to be exposed. When you uncover the hidden treasure of love, you will be rich. Rich in mind, body, and soul.

We’re told that true love is between two people, but a true lover loves all. Our heart will make mistakes over and over until it knows there’s nothing wrong with loving the masses, even through the hatred. When love is the only option, there will be no need to search, only a need to chose who deserves that love. Understand that just because someone makes you feel special, doesn’t mean that they’re the one for you. Don’t ever settle. Those who settle are people who gave up. There’s always more if you want it, don’t ever get comfortable. Remember, your search starts now, from deep within you.

Free your mind, accept love, give love, and eventually you will be loved. 


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I have falling down. Looking at the sky from the ground. Nobody can see me. I’m not even there to them.They walk over me as I were a doormat. Wipe their feet and move on. They can’t tell that I’m hurt. They cannot see these chains holding me down. I am constricted by the vines of sin. My soul seeks the darker side of life. I am down and I am alone. Looking up at the stars at night, I imagine being free, walking amongst the crowd, smiling, staring at the sun. I could rule the world, my family and I, hand in hand, eyes on the sky. With no restraints, and no fears, I would be free, lifted from the ground, forever and now. 

The DO’s and DON’Ts of A Strong Friendship

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I am a man of few friends. Those people whom I do call friends are more like family. I have done everything I could to keep those people by my side. If people you consider friends are walking out on you, it could be one of two things. It’s either you aren’t being a good friend or it’s them who isn’t doing their part. I’m here to point out a few key do’s and don’t of friendship.

DO Be able to find humor even through dark times. If your friend can depend on you to make him/her smile through hard times that makes you every bit more important to them opposed to the people who bring them down. They will depend on you to feel better about themselves even when it seems impossible.

DON’T Be the friend who doesn’t have time to listen. Always be there to talk. Never should you find yourself avoiding a friend.

DO Be unpredictable. Separate yourself from the predictable people in your friend’s life. Show up out of nowhere, drop by with surprises, and spark random conversations.

DON’T Be a liar. Truth is one of the more important barriers of friendship. You do not want to break that barrier because once you knock it down, you will not be able to build it back up. Even a harmless lie could damage a strong friendship.

DO Be fun. As a friend it is your job to provide entertainment. Be the person to take your friend to parties, bars, and exciting places. Let others bore them to death.

DON’T Be afraid … of anything. You friend wants you to be strong. They want you to be the person they’d have by their sides at war. Try not to show many weaknesses.

DO Care. Never shy away from being the person your friend runs to when they need to talk or blow off some steam. Care as much for them as you do for yourself. Be there at all costs. Show them you want them in your life forever by being able to express how much you care for them.

The Puzzle of Life

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puzzle of life

Life is a puzzle. In the beginning we aren’t given every piece we need to complete the puzzle. We acquire more pieces as we grow and learn the purpose or our lives.

As we live and experience life, we are given more puzzle pieces. Everyone’s puzzle is different. Some puzzles are harder than others. Some are easier to complete, some of us have more pieces than others, and some of us will never see our puzzle get completed.

It’s up to each of us to do whatever it takes to see that our puzzles do indeed get completed one day. Every day gives us the opportunity to put together more and more pieces so that our picture becomes clearer. Some will know how to finish their puzzle sooner than others. Those who do will then be able to help others put their pieces in the right places.

When pieces are misplaced we have to figure out where they belong. It’s okay for us to go back over pieces we’ve already used. No one normally completes their puzzle on the first attempt. Don’t get discouraged when pieces become lost or damaged, there are more pieces that can replace those that are missing.

Be patient but be aware that there is a limit to how much time we have to finish. That doesn’t mean rush but what it does mean is to make sure that every puzzle piece is handled with love and care. The harder you try, the better the outcome. The ultimate prize is completing your puzzle to see what a beautiful work of art you’ve put together. Good luck !