Building A Relationship


It’s hard to find a good relationship these days. It’s also damn near impossible to be in a relationship and maintain your sanity. Everyone is just so complicated, it makes it hard to find common ground with people. I have been through 2 serious relationships in my life. During those relationships, I never felt like myself. I found myself being someone my partner wanted me to be. It’s important to let your partner be themselves.

Being attracted to someone isn’t a reason to start a relationship. Having things in common and having an understanding about what both parties need is a better reason. Before you give yourself away to that special someone, think about what you’re going to need from that person in order for you to feel like you want that friendship or partnering to continue. Is what you’re asking fair to that person, are you giving them a chance to be themselves? Or are you demanding they make changes so their lifestyle can accommodate your lifestyle as well? Be fair.

I fear a long-term relationship. When I find myself falling for a girl, I normally back out before things get serious because I knew the stress that comes along with a relationship. You have to be mentally prepared to give every bit of your emotions to one person. It’s much easier for you to worry about yourself. There’s nothing wrong with being afraid to be with someone. It should be more common, that way less hearts will be put in the line of fire.

I truly feel like I am ready to be in a relationship but that doesn’t mean I need to be involved with anyone at the time. It’s important to me to find someone who feels the same as I do. Someone who see’s the situation as a realist and not someone who just wants to feel loved. I’m 25 years old and I know what I want from someone. The problem is that the someone might not know what they want from me or for themselves. Some people are fine with finding out what they want as their relationship gets stronger. I find it more beneficial to already know what it is you both want.

It’s unhealthy to rush things in any relationship. Our younger generation has made a habit of moving along too quickly. Younger people never seem to grasp reality of being in a long-term relationship, they’re normally happy with living in the moment. Not knowing what to expect in the future is the fastest way to be caught off guard by sudden changes in your relationship. Communicating is always important but it’s especially essential in the early stages of a relationship. Let it be known what you expect, what you do not like, what it is you like, and how you feel  even before you officially start dating someone. Be patient, think, and prepare yourself for the war of love.