The Puzzle of Life

puzzle of life

Life is a puzzle. In the beginning we aren’t given every piece we need to complete the puzzle. We acquire more pieces as we grow and learn the purpose or our lives.

As we live and experience life, we are given more puzzle pieces. Everyone’s puzzle is different. Some puzzles are harder than others. Some are easier to complete, some of us have more pieces than others, and some of us will never see our puzzle get completed.

It’s up to each of us to do whatever it takes to see that our puzzles do indeed get completed one day. Every day gives us the opportunity to put together more and more pieces so that our picture becomes clearer. Some will know how to finish their puzzle sooner than others. Those who do will then be able to help others put their pieces in the right places.

When pieces are misplaced we have to figure out where they belong. It’s okay for us to go back over pieces we’ve already used. No one normally completes their puzzle on the first attempt. Don’t get discouraged when pieces become lost or damaged, there are more pieces that can replace those that are missing.

Be patient but be aware that there is a limit to how much time we have to finish. That doesn’t mean rush but what it does mean is to make sure that every puzzle piece is handled with love and care. The harder you try, the better the outcome. The ultimate prize is completing your puzzle to see what a beautiful work of art you’ve put together. Good luck !


If I Ruled The World


If I ruled the world there would be no tragedies. We wouldn’t have to look over our shoulders in fear. If this world were mine, everyone would be safe. There would be no religions to follow as my people would only believe in peace. We wouldn’t worry about the afterlife, we would only worry about the things we can control in our lives. If the world was mine, there would be no one left behind. There would be nobody left out on the streets, no one struggling to find a bite to eat. I would starve just so my people wouldn’t know what it felt like to be hungry.

In my world, there would be no laws. Everyone would be happy, there would be no need for crime. There would be no jails or cells to deprive anyone of life. The schools and hospitals would be as big as cities. Everyone would embrace the importance of learning and being successful. In my world respect will be given to all. There would be no need to fight because everyone would rather show love instead. There would be no arguing because everyone’s opinions and actions would not be judged.

If I ruled the ruled. Everyone would have friends. No one would ever feel lonely because someone will always be by their sides. Everyday would be celebrated as if it were a holiday. Wars would be replace with parties, weapons with hugs, and death with life. My world will be equal, no land would be divided. There will be no race classifications because being human is the only classification that matters. We will learn to express our feelings even to strangers. We will all want the next man to be just as happy as we are. In my world there will be no questions because we would all have the answers. If I ruled the world, we’d all live forever and we’d all live together.