Weathering The Storm


The wind spoke to me and said I should go

I followed, I walked, until I ran into snow

The rain would tell me to continue my journey

Then the thunder clapped, but lightning had warned me

This a place where you will need some protection

A little light in the night, and darkness for reflection

Run, run and never look back

Life is too grand to fall in a trap

The rain was pouring but I knew that could change

Still, I keep on running, with success on my brain

All of the weather had just finally started to clear

When the sun starts to shine, then happiness is near


I Set My World On Fire

I have set my world on fire. Burning everything that has held me back before. I will take the ashes and use them to rebuild my life. No longer will I leave a gasoline trail so that someone can throw a lit match when I reach my goals. No one will be able to deter me from success. As that fire burns, I’m searching around on my soul to throw any negativity into the blaze. I will do away with all the bad. I feel more relieved as the pain turns into thick black smoke, disappearing into thin air. It will be a test to rebuild but that’s fine with me as long as the pieces come from positive components.


Writing Saved My Life


Many of you may have heard the term “I am my own worst enemy” before, but I’ve lived it. Looking back a few years ago – I was lost. The things I held close are become more and more distant with each passing day. I was a bit younger than; figuring I could afford to make mistakes, but now I realize what those mistakes has cost me. All the time I spent drinking, smoking and involving myself with witless women, was time I could have used to be productive. I know better now, but I wish I could have known then. I’m just starting to really enjoy relaxing and writing. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but never took the time to actually do it. Recently, I sat down and made it happen. All it took was time and dedication. I now have my foot in the door as a sports writer – something I should have accomplished a long time ago.

Things aren’t just going to go to waste like they used to. I now love to write more than ever – even if I spend my whole day writing, I just want to write more and more until my hands feel like they’re going to fall off. Okay maybe not to that point, but you get my drift. I would never want to look back and alter anything because I wouldn’t be to the point I am now. It took all the negative to build up this confidence and my need to avoid unnecessary things in life. I’m young and I have no kids – what do I really have to complain about? A lot is what I used to tell myself, but now I realize that I have everything to be happy about. It’s all about the future. Everything I do now feels so good because I know I’m working towards goals that’ll make my future all the more enjoyable.

This isn’t all about me either. It’s actually more about my family than anything. The sad part is that they’ll never know it. All they see is a selfish kid who’d rather write than do work around the house all day. I guess everyone isn’t going to understand why I do certain things but it doesn’t matter as long as I know I’m doing the right things in my mind. Still, I love my family and I want this for them. So I can make sure they will always be safe and live peacefully without me bringing in any drama from the streets like I used to. One day they will be happy that I ignored them to write(lol).

I knew if I were going to make drastic changes – I had to be selfish. There wasn’t going to be anymore worrying about what others think or do. I couldn’t want a relationship or someone to care for me. I knew I had to avoid some of my closest friends and family just so I could give all my focus to writing. Writing has saved my life. I wouldn’t trade many thing in the world for the ability to sit down and pour my heart onto a piece of paper, or computer screen. It’s truly a blessing that I’m headed in the right direction as a writer. I wouldn’t want to be rich, I don’t need millions of dollars and a model girlfriend – I just want to write. All of the fun, women and friends can wait on the side while I do my thing. I’m sorry if anyone takes it personal or decides to hate me for it, but understand – it’s what I need to do in life to be satisfied. I don’t jump in front of anyone who’s on their way to succeeding, so I don’t expect anyone to hop in my way. I wish everyone the best and I hope everyone can want the same for me. If not, it won’t change a thing but you won’t be there when I come out on the other side.

Keep The Dream Alive

Our dreams are held back by reality. Never lose sight of your dreams. When you close your eyes, everything you see if just as important as real life. Those dreams remind you of the freedom you could have if you really wanted it. You may not to be able to fly without wings, but that doesn’t stop you from flying and reaching for the stars. Dreams are there to remind us of how fun it is to put reality on the shelf and enjoy the wild, crazy, untouched sides of life. We can be who we want, when we want. That doesn’t change in reality. Your dreams are reaching out to you. If you ignore them, you will be stuck in a reality base world with no room for anything but what the eye’s see. What’s more important, is the stories you see when your eyes are closed. Every dream is a short story, a vivid showing of what could be or what has already been. Open your eyes and keep your dreams alive.

As Free As I Want To Be


The world needs more free spirited people. The type of person that wakes up and puts no limits on themselves. The type that believes they could soar without wings, and without fear of falling. We need people who aren’t slaves to their own life. If we could all just be free within ourselves then we could all enjoy life to the fullest. We could live life without regret, without fear, without direction, as long as we’re alive, we have the right to be happy. Money, jobs, and materialism may be important to you, but you shouldn’t be consumed by anything, at any point in your life.¬†We are all born free. As kids, we are free spirits, without worries, we live without boundaries, we smile at the smallest gestures, no one can do wrong in our eyes. As we grow older, most of us begin to lose sight of all freedom. In search of security, we turn in our freedom for chains. We’re bound by our own goals, lost in life, searching for answers to questions that need no answer. We strive to be rich, losing sight of the value in just being able to live, to breathe, and to love. Free yourself, express yourself, but always be yourself.

Too Familiar


When everything becomes familiar, we have become too comfortable. All of those familiar things are constant reminders how of we have become stuck in place. Being familiar with things isn’t always bad but being familiar with everything is never good. Our goals lie in unfamiliar places, places we have yet to reach. It’s those unfamiliar things that keep us moving on. No one wants to be surrounded by the same things all the time. Eventually you will notice how everything around you becomes dull and pointless. When you realize this, you have to find some refreshment. Don’t let things get familiar. Search for something new, always.