Weathering The Storm


The wind spoke to me and said I should go

I followed, I walked, until I ran into snow

The rain would tell me to continue my journey

Then the thunder clapped, but lightning had warned me

This a place where you will need some protection

A little light in the night, and darkness for reflection

Run, run and never look back

Life is too grand to fall in a trap

The rain was pouring but I knew that could change

Still, I keep on running, with success on my brain

All of the weather had just finally started to clear

When the sun starts to shine, then happiness is near


Stop Crying Your Heart Out

People stay stuck on things like mice to a trap. Things happen and we somehow allows ourselves to never put it behind us. Everyday, we think about something we regret. We cannot bury these thoughts. Being stuck on the past will hold you back. There’s nowhere to move but forward. Put some things behind you and leave them there. Stop crying your heart out. You will not get that ex-girlfriend back, she is gone. That old life is over, you have responsibilities now, you have kids, you have more important things to worry about. Accept your life for what it is and reach higher than ever. Those things in the past can only live in your mind if you let them. Moving on is harder for some than it is for others. Don’t be scared to move on. Take a deep breath and live. Do not look back in search of answers. The answers are in front of you. The sky’s the limit when you can free your mind of all pity, blame, and negativity. Take a step forward, away from the darkness, into the light.

Poor Kid

Growing up in Philadelphia made me aware of allot of things. Something I took notice of early as a child was the poverty around me. My friends and I didn’t have much and we didn’t know anyone who had any more than we did. At the time, we always made the best of everything. We made go-karts out of wood, basketball hoops out of milk crates and turned fire hydrants into a watery-wonderland. As a kid you really don’t care about things like poverty but it managed to leave a mark on me. Today, I live in Delaware and it’s a totally different situation. I’m surrounded by people with garages, pools, and multiple cars. In Philly, everyone I knew either took the train or bus for transportation. Even though I live in Delaware, I am now grown and smart enough to know that poverty wasn’t Philadelphia’s problem but a worldwide issue. I don’t have a solution for the problem, but I think I have some insight that could at least make things easier on a kid like me growing up and surrounded by such negativity. I believe a solution starts with parents. My family wasn’t the most loving family when I was growing up, but my mother and father(may he rest in peace) have always had more money than others around us and I was well aware of that. I thought that meant that I wouldn’t have to ever worry about struggling but I was wrong in every way possible. When I turned 18 I was in for a huge shock. I wasn’t handed anything … my dad had already passed when I was in the 7th grade. I was there holding his hand in his last seconds. I didn’t receive any money from anyone, ever. I had no car and no money to fall back on. This started me in a bad direction out of high school.

My mother who had so much money when I was growing up, had put not one dollar aside for me. I couldn’t think about college or buying a car, without knowing I had to work hard to get it. The smallest amount would have made it easier on a 18 year old kid trying to make it in the world. I’m 25 now and what happened to me was unfortunate, but it is preventable. It starts with the parent. You have to set up accounts for your kids a before they’re born. Accounts that you cannot and will not touch. Even if you put one dollar a week, over 18 years that adds up. Handing your kid money when they least expect it seems like it would be such a great feeling. You should set your kid up for success before they are born. Even if it’s a few thousand dollars, that’s a few thousand dollars they can use to buy a car or use for college books. It’s a start, and a very good one. I myself had NOTHING. I had to bust my ass at a young age to get a car and buy clothes and food to take care of myself. I look back and I think my life could have been totally different if someone backed me financially. It would of been motivation for me. I won’t make the same mistake my family did. My kid will have money when he or she turns 18. They won’t have to struggle and worry about the things I had to worry about at such a young age. I will closely watch what they do with that money to make sure it’s used for good because we know 18 years old kids don’t make the wises decisions. Step up as a parent, even friends and family would help you by putting money into the account. Why wouldn’t anyone do it? It would be clearly neglecting your own child and putting a stamp of irresponsibility on you as parent. Think about everything I’ve said and take action for your child’s future.