Storming Love


I can feel your love traveling through my veins,

The  feeling captivates my soul and takes away my pain;

You make the sun shine through the dark clouds above the rain,

You weather my emotional storm, making me feel reborn;

When you’re gone, the thunder will rumble loudly,

When you leave, I will stay right here where you found me;

Tornado or shine, rain or snow – somehow, someway, our love will grow


Feeling Lucky

I used to ask myself why couldn’t I have been lucky enough to have it easy? Now, I wonder, why would I ever want it easy? I enjoy the test of life. It’s a learning process. It takes a lifetime of studying to be prepared for the test. There will be ups, there will be down, there will be friends, and there will be enemies. For every positive thing, there will be twice as much negative. You live only to learn. Take a breather, stop moving so fast. Take a minute to be thankful to even have life. I don’t think the same as I used to. I don’t wonder why, instead I work and wonder why not.

Why? (Poem)


Why follow when you can lead
Guide those who are scared to proceed
Enlighten those who are afraid to believe
Take your chance, step up and lead

Why walk when you can soar
Among the clouds, floating for miles
Observing the world, as you watch from above
Relaxed in clouds, embracing the love

Why fall when you can climb
The ground is for a useless mind
Shine, and wisely use your time
Reach, there’s no telling what you can find