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We can only reach new heights by getting over our lowest points. There are ups without downs. Embrace the hard times and use them to elevate yourself to a higher plateau. Our emotions entrap us at times, keeping us grounded. It is normal to feel sad during hard times but it is also possible to feel happy during sad times if you allow the joy to overcome that sorrow within you. I am happy at the moment, but that doesn’t mean I can’t feel sadness at any moment. You control your emotions. If you feel sad, it is because you allow yourself to feel that way. Stop the sadness and allow yourself to feel happiness when you need it the most. If all else fails, listen to the song in the link – Pharrell Williams – Happy

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Weathering The Storm


The wind spoke to me and said I should go

I followed, I walked, until I ran into snow

The rain would tell me to continue my journey

Then the thunder clapped, but lightning had warned me

This a place where you will need some protection

A little light in the night, and darkness for reflection

Run, run and never look back

Life is too grand to fall in a trap

The rain was pouring but I knew that could change

Still, I keep on running, with success on my brain

All of the weather had just finally started to clear

When the sun starts to shine, then happiness is near

Storming Love


I can feel your love traveling through my veins,

The  feeling captivates my soul and takes away my pain;

You make the sun shine through the dark clouds above the rain,

You weather my emotional storm, making me feel reborn;

When you’re gone, the thunder will rumble loudly,

When you leave, I will stay right here where you found me;

Tornado or shine, rain or snow – somehow, someway, our love will grow

No Right or No Wrong

Walking through life, trying to balance the good and the evil. It’s tougher than you think, as it becomes harder to separate the two. Once, there was a time where we knew right from wrong. Now, you have to wait for a reaction from the millions who are going to judge. I find it best if I go by my own rules. I label my actions exactly how I want and I block out any judgment. My right is your wrong and your wrong is my right. It’s an endless fight if you tell me what’s best for myself. Let those judgements continue to flow, but let them go by without acknowledgment. Our actions need no labels as long as they come from the heart. So, the next time you think I’m wrong, I’ll give you a thousand reasons why I’m right.


Being Shamefully Positive

It is no secret that we’ve all dealt with some shame in our lives. It’s also no secret that sometimes we let that shame get the best of us. Whether you are aware of it or not, there are ways to grow through that shame – using it as motivation and fuel to accomplish more. Shame is only temporary, and so is pain, but the happy things can last forever. I have personally been through some rough times but I’m getting better at accepting failure. When you can look failure in the eye and tell it that it will not get the best of you, then you’ll start to see life in a different light. Failed relationships, heartache, stress and plenty of other factors can contribute to feeling down about thing. Still, don’t let those things control you. Whatever you lost or missed out on, you can always get it back if you try hard enough. The more time you spend worrying about what is gone, the less time you’ll have to make things better. While you should always take time to reflect and completely grasp what’s happening around you – don’t hold on too long. Find a way to accept things and then let go.





There’s No Shame In Crying


People shouldn’t hold back their tears. The ability to cry is a gift to mankind. Our tears release pain and joy from within us when our emotions become overloaded. Crying is a great way to relieve stress at its highest point. That’s why we cry in stressful situations. It’s as if we reach a boiling point and the tears just start to flow. A human can only hold so much emotion in. We shouldn’t bury our tears behind fake smiles and breathing techniques. We should let those tears fall freely.

Stress isn’t the only reason we find ourselves emotionally maxed out. Joy can bring us to tears as well. Everyone has cried when life just seems too good to be true. This is a special feeling. Some of us hold these emotions back because we see crying as a sign of weakness instead of embracing its importance for the mind and body. When we cry we are releasing pressure within ourselves. We feel like our pain has been washed out of us, if only for a few minutes, it’s still worth the tears.

Don’t be afraid to cry when you feel overwhelmed. It is okay. Some people need to see you cry so they can feel more comfortable around you. When you’re able to cry around someone, you will grow closer to them. You know that person isn’t judging you for being too emotional, instead they’re there to offer a shoulder for you to lean on. Not too many of us have people in our lives we can cry with. Those people hold special places in our hearts if there are any. Have no emotional barriers with certain people so you’ll always have someone to share your pain and joy with.

Don’t ever again be afraid to cry. If someone isn’t comfortable around you when you reach emotional breaking points, then those people will never understand how much of a help they could be rather than giving you a cold shoulder. Don’t let anyone tell you not to cry. Be emotionally free, at all times. Cleanse your body and soul of any stress or joy. It’s your body, your emotions, and your right to cry.