Circle of Life

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Trapped in a prison of illusions;

Intertwined in a life with no solutions,

At every turn there’s a question with no answer;

For every smile there’s a more threatening cancer,

The rubble we walked upon is the road of life;

A freeway of pain, broken dreams and spite,

What we see is what we get;

and what we know is all there is,

Life forms in circles, giving us one way to live.

The Love Down Under

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Deep down inside, there’s still something for  you;

Something that’s nice, somethings that’s true

I can feel its presence, pressing against my soul;

Scratching its way from deep, way down in a hole

If it reaches the peak, then there will be nothing to hide;

I’ll have no choice, but to show the love deep inside


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Somewhere, there’s a sense of security that I can’t find.

I’m walking away from the pain and into the shade,

away from the white and into the grey.

There was once peace, but that’s all gone.

All that’s left a piece but it has no form.

Someday, I swear I’ll find some comfort, away from the black cloud above my head.

For now, I will duck and I will dodge, away from the hurt.

Buried in sorrow as heavy as dirt


The Write To Fight

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I am a writer, not a fighter. A blank sheet of paper is my enemy and I attack with my heart and my pencil. Violence doesn’t solve my problems, writing does. When I’m angry I look to that blank sheet to relieve my stress. When I’m down, I don’t come out swinging …  I come up writing. I have no need to fight and every need to write. This is my release, this is my way out of trouble, this is my life. I am a writer … not a fighter.