“Stan” (Poetry)

Dear Stan, here I am writing you this letter
We’ve had some good times but we’re no good together
For a long time I thought I couldn’t do any better
You made me forget that sunshine was apart of the weather

Rain, sleet, snow, or hail you were always around
You’d comfort me without a word, even without a sound
For the longest time, the only feeling I knew was down
Me without you was like a king without his crown

I’d soon realize just how damaging you were
All the time we spent together is now just a blur
For now I can see clearly through my eyes
I can see that you were just pain in disguise

Sick and tired, hurt and defeated
My life in ruins, my feelings all depleted
There’s nothing I can hide, everyone can see it
Everyone I loved, from my life they were deleted

For all of that, there’s only you I can thank
I was running on E, now I’m refueling my tank
All I needed was one reason to live
One reason to love, one reason to give

Some call you drugs, but I choose to call you Stan
That’s because for a long time you were the man
Now I’m wiser and I’m taking a stand
I can fit the world in my palm without you in my hand


Lusting For Love


I’ve personally been through some very rocky relationships in my past – most with women who were sure they loved me but actually did not know the first thing about love. Me, I believe I have an idea of what love is, but most importantly – I do know when I love someone wholeheartedly or if I’m just putting on a show. Sadly for me, I have also had my run with women who have put on shows. Honestly, I have never not wanted to be in a relationship with the person I chose to take the leap with. Far too many times do I see women who just want to be in love and not actually caring who it is they’re in love with. That’s what I call lusting for love. Those are some of the toughest relationships to deal with because those type of people are hard to crack and will do anything to keep their lust for love fed. It is a dangerous game once a partner sees that their lover is just with them because they fear being lonely, instead of naturally feeling like they belong with you.

Last night was a prime example of how a person can be very misleading with love. I will not go into details but a female whom a very good friend was dating showed her boyfriend that she was with him for all the wrong reasons. Once he caught wind of who she truly was, she did everything in her power to keep things going – to keep herself happy and in love, regardless of how hurt my friend was about the situation. Girls who just want to be with someone for the ride aren’t easy to break as I said before. You have to notice the little things they do to crack their code. These type people are usually party going, materialistic type of people whom have a hard time staying in one place too long. Watch out for these people on your journey to the promise land of love, because you won’t see them coming. Be aware.

Post From My New Blog — Finding Our Way Through


We can only reach new heights by getting over our lowest points. There are ups without downs. Embrace the hard times and use them to elevate yourself to a higher plateau. Our emotions entrap us at times, keeping us grounded. It is normal to feel sad during hard times but it is also possible to feel happy during sad times if you allow the joy to overcome that sorrow within you. I am happy at the moment, but that doesn’t mean I can’t feel sadness at any moment. You control your emotions. If you feel sad, it is because you allow yourself to feel that way. Stop the sadness and allow yourself to feel happiness when you need it the most. If all else fails, listen to the song in the link – Pharrell Williams – Happy

Check out my NEW blog “Finding Our Way Through” here — http://findingourwaythrough.wordpress.com/

Weathering The Storm


The wind spoke to me and said I should go

I followed, I walked, until I ran into snow

The rain would tell me to continue my journey

Then the thunder clapped, but lightning had warned me

This a place where you will need some protection

A little light in the night, and darkness for reflection

Run, run and never look back

Life is too grand to fall in a trap

The rain was pouring but I knew that could change

Still, I keep on running, with success on my brain

All of the weather had just finally started to clear

When the sun starts to shine, then happiness is near

Perfecting The Imperfections of Life


I will never understand people who strive for perfection. Imperfection is NOT something to be ashamed of. I believe that imperfection builds character. The flaws within ourselves push us to be better people. If we were all perfect, we would not know how important life truly is. It takes hardship and pain to want better things for yourself. In order to get better things for yourself, you have to work hard, you have to stress, you have to scratch, claw, and fight for those things. If life were perfect, how could one strive for more? How could one want something so bad that they’d give anything to get it? How could one truly love anything if we didn’t know what it was like to be feel hatred? The imperfections of life are real. Perfection is a myth, it is an unachievable goal, it is a mark set by someone who refused to accept reality. I am realist and I am happy to be imperfect. I accept my flaws. It’s the inconsistencies in my life that get me out of bed each and every morning. I would have no reason to wake up if life were perfect. I’d have nothing to want, nothing to crave, nothing to work for, and no reason to live!

Passing Judgement

One thing that people do far too much of is being judgmental towards others. It’s not a good feeling to walk out of your house and feel like you’re being judged by the first person you see. In all honesty, that person may be actually passing  judgement on you. I know we all tend to judge others at some point but are we judging them for the right reasons? For most of us, the answer to that question is NO.

If you walk by someone and glance at their clothes and then decide that he or she isn’t the type of person you would associate yourself with, well then you have a problem. You just made a decision about who it is you would hang out with based on their attire. This is a totally disrespectful and childish thing to do. You do realize that someone may look at you in the same way and decide that they also wouldn’t want anything to do with you? People get judged for all types of reasons and they’re normally all the wrong reasons.

Why waste your time judging people on their clothes, looks, accents, skin color, or whatever it may be? Why not give people a chance? You never know what type of person it is you’re passing up on. For all you know, they could be your future boss, spouse, or family. It does take more time and effort to get to know someone but isn’t it worth it? Isn’t that one of the many wonders of life? The ability to meet all types of people. If you’re going to spend time judging these people, can’t spend time getting to know that person as well? Yes, you can.

I can’t recall how many times I’ve heard my friends or family talk down about a person whom they didn’t really  know. I’d sit there and think, well I do know this person and I think they’re pretty cool. I know for a fact that I’m judged daily by someone, somewhere. I get judged because I’m outspoken, emotional, and I tend to like things that some people can’t relate to. What they don’t know is that I’m a loyal friend/partner, I enjoy meeting new people and giving them the benefit of the doubt by accepting outsiders into my circle no matter how they dress, talk, or what they’re into.

The differences in people is what fascinates me. I guess there’s a large number of you out there who like to surrounded by the same people for your entire lives. If not, then I suggest you stop passing negative judgments on people who could be friends instead of outcasts. When I’m judging someone it’s usually after I’ve taken the time to get to know them. Otherwise, I’d have no right to judge them in the first place. More people need to take my stand on the situation. Some may think these people are weird and dress funny, but I think they’re just as cool as you. Now, you wouldn’t know that because you’re too shallow to give them a chance. Well, you only live once … so meet and befriend as many good people as you can because you never know who’s judging you.