The Fight For Happiness

You’re okay, no matter how you may feel at the moment. You want to know why? Because the sun will rise in the morning, the birds will chirp at the window and the wind will hit your face when you walk out of the door. That means as long as you’re blessed with the gift of life, then you need to make the best of it. There’s always something to smile about, something to want, someone to need. There’s always hope beneath the mounds of heartache, but only if you believe. Give yourself a healthy chance to be happy and being sad will just become another emotion – not a problem. The window to inner peace is in arm’s length, but you’re too weak enough to jolt it open. Stress is taking over your body and weighing down on your happiness. If you ever want to open that window, you’ll have to learn to accept whatever is making you feel down and learn to move on in a positive way. Don’t stand by and expect some magical feeling to wipe out the bad vibes. You will have to fight, everyday, to win the battle within yourself.



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