Being Shamefully Positive

It is no secret that we’ve all dealt with some shame in our lives. It’s also no secret that sometimes we let that shame get the best of us. Whether you are aware of it or not, there are ways to grow through that shame – using it as motivation and fuel to accomplish more. Shame is only temporary, and so is pain, but the happy things can last forever. I have personally been through some rough times but I’m getting better at accepting failure. When you can look failure in the eye and tell it that it will not get the best of you, then you’ll start to see life in a different light. Failed relationships, heartache, stress and plenty of other factors can contribute to feeling down about thing. Still, don’t let those things control you. Whatever you lost or missed out on, you can always get it back if you try hard enough. The more time you spend worrying about what is gone, the less time you’ll have to make things better. While you should always take time to reflect and completely grasp what’s happening around you – don’t hold on too long. Find a way to accept things and then let go.






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