Let There Be Love

Why do hate me? What have I ever done to deserve your disapproval? Don’t you realize that I have enough love within myself drowned out your bad vibes? If I were you I wouldn’t be wasting my time dispensing hatred. Give love a try. Dig deep within in yourself and find that silent bit of light buried beneath the darkness of your soul. Believe me, it may not feel like it, but it’s  buried down there somewhere. I know this because I used to be just like you. Upset at the world, wondering why everything is so much better for everyone else;  looking up at the sky and wondering if anyone up there is protecting you, or if something beneath your feet is slowly dragging you under. You hide in the shadows, away from the light just so no one will find the pain overcoming your entire existence.

Fight that pain, and dig until you can’t dig anymore. Come up with a solution within yourself. The world and what’s happening around you won’t change anything; only you can do so. You can’t take your emotions out on everyone. There’s no reason to drag everyone else down with you. If you aren’t going to adjust to the troubles that come along with the gift of life, then there’s no reason to live. Peace is there; you just have to want it bad enough to get it. Once you find that peace, you have to spread it around,  because there’s a million people like you and I, fighting within themselves, searching for that light hidden in their dark. Change is coming, even if you don’t want it. You’ll go through something that will set everything in motion. It may be the most difficult situation that you’ve ever encountered, but you’ll rise from the ashes, reborn like a phoenix with the wings of an angel.

That hate that once consumed your body will slowly be eradicated and replaced with peace, love, and true happiness. You will then not have to hate me anymore. I won’t have to wonder why you want me to suffer when I’m just trying to be myself, and make the best of whatever it is I have at moment – even if it isn’t much in your eyes – its everything and more to me. Life is precious but it is very fragile. Surround it in the comfort of something positive and it will strengthen. Once the love is in you, it will grow until it towers over all hatred. If you ever fall – you’ll have that peaceful love to cradle you back to safety.


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