Where Is My Freedom of Speech?

I have always been an outspoken person who encourages others to speak their minds. It’s sad that we live in a world where words can cost someone so much. The reason we have to be careful with what we say is because there’s a lot of people out there who don’t like to speak their minds or hear the truth. All those people tend to do is try to put a muzzle on us who’d rather hear the truth than live with the lies. It’s important than everyone’s voice is heard today and no one should discourage anyone who wants to be heard, no matter how hurtful, truthful or disliked their opinions and statements are.

In a nutshell, it seems like America is become more soft by the minute. You see celebrities getting hung out to dry because of their actions on social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. A prime example is sports. Athletes are fined every week for something they said online – which is outrageous to me. How can you fine someone for voicing their opinions. What happened to this being a free country and being able to speak freely. I’m so much for one being able to voice their opinion, that I’ve often let racist comment slide because I respect one’s right to freely express their feelings. No one should be forced to bottle their opinions and views just because certain people can’t understand or are too weak to handle conversation that they don’t completely agree with.

I want this world to be how it was, where us as people knew we could say whatever we wanted as long as it isn’t directly meant to hurt anyone. There’s a difference between an opinion and a personal attack on someone’s character. The media loves to mash the two together; which is unfair. It is time for America to toughen up and learn to stand their ground with words and not complaining, filing charges and fining people. I won’t be one to tell my kid – when I have one – that they have to be careful with what they want to say. I want them to know that they have to believe and stand behind their feelings, no matter how others take it. Keeping hush isn’t an option for people like me. I love to heard and I love the reactions I get – even the negative reactions. I will not be quiet just because certain people can’t handle the truth. It’s my life, and I have the right to speak my mind and all cost.



7 thoughts on “Where Is My Freedom of Speech?

  1. I think you have a misconception about how Freedom of speech works.

    1) Freedom of Speech is only protected to keep the government from firing you. Businesses do not have to protect your job when you say something they don’t like. If the government did this, it would be a different story. Businesses have no obligations to protect the freedoms of their employees. If they want to fire someone, they do. The person still has the freedom to say what they want about the business before and after. Whether they care enough to keep their job is a completely separate matter.

    2) If you yell, “Fire!” in a movie theater that isn’t burning, you can go to jail for it for lying. You were endangering a group of people.

    You always have Freedom of Speech. You don’t have the freedom to stop people’s reactions from what you say. Then you are harming their freedoms.

    1. Please don’t get on my blog and tell me what I have misconceptions about. You’re obviously one of those people I want to avoid. Everything you said has NOTHING to do with my post. Nowhere did I mention the government or our rights. You are obviously one of those soft and shallow people I’m talking about lol. Its my personal opinion so don’t make it seem like I’m wrong or misguided. Thanks and goodbye, I’d appreciate it if you did not reply as well. I’ll surely use my freedom of speech to show you just how much I don’t want you commenting if you do 🙂

  2. Here’s my freedom of speech: you are whining over things that our money controls. The good ole American greenback has its hands up everyone’s butt- from sports, to media, all the way into our homes. When people sign contracts they become less themselves and have to abide by a given set of rules- or lose money. When things are affiliated to a corporation it’s like being a part of a brand… “Money makes the world go round, funny how money makes the girl go down” (Cash Money, Charlie Hu$tle). I let racists rant, too, ’cause wtf- everyone has a voice, but people are quick to pull bully cards, nowadays.

    1. I don’t know what your point is. You are talking about something entirely different than I am. I’m speaking on my personal feelings, you can do the same, just not on my comments. Make your own post on freedom of speech if you want your voice heard but do not come here and tell me I’m “whining”. You guys need some toughening up lol. #Soft

  3. I think that was an excellent piece. I do have kids and try and convey the importance of being an individual, and speaking your mind and having open discussion is a sure fire way to promote that. I just posted a blog along similar lines please read if you get a chance thanks.

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