Undercover Racism

I will try my hardest not to come off as a racist myself – because I am not in any way – or piss anyone off. If you can’t handle a man expressing his feelings in a completely honest way, then you should go look at pictures of cats or whatever it is you do in your free time. 

I get the feeling that many people out here are completely fake or they’re hiding their true feelings behind some character they made up, because their true identity is an ugly one both on the inside and the outside. In my life experiences, I’ve come across a lot of different kind of people. I’ve noticed that I tend to like the company of people who are honest. Being honest is better than being nice, especially if it’s just a cover. I’m a 26-year-old black male who has lived in a mostly white town for more than decade. I run across so many white people in my area who smile and pretend that I belong but deep down I get the feeling that they’re always thinking about race and keeping their true feelings hidden. The truth is, I’d rather be the company of an open racist and not in the company of someone who’s being extremely nice and hiding their distaste for my race underneath their cheerful disguise.

It’s truly sad, but they know it is better for them to keep their true feelings hidden. It’s sad but in their hearts, most racists want to scream out racial slurs at the top of lungs and let their feelings be known, but that would be an assassination of their own character. Instead, they pretend that they like you and they hurt you in silent ways. Karma will eventually come back to haunt those people for sure. The racists who have no problem letting their feelings out, are the ones I have respect for. You should never use racism to harm someone or feel the need to yell out slurs, but you should be open if asked or confronted with the issue. If you aren’t you’re just a completely fake person.

I’m a gamer who goes online to play Call of Duty a few times a week. Everyone knows that this game has taken a lot of heat due to the large amount of racial slurs being thrown around in online conversation. It comes as no surprise to me because these racists can hide behind a screen and a gamer-tag while letting their feelings out. This way they avoid exposure or being beaten to a bloody pulp – which most of them deserve. I guarantee that a few of your close friends, white or other, get online and use words like “nigger and spic”. It feels good to them, they have to somehow let their anger out and what better way to do it when no one can see you or harm you? These are your everyday people who are smiling in your face, pretending to have no issue with your race. Behind closed doors, I know that there’s a bit of racist in MOST non-blacks and non-Hispanics. There’s also a huge number of Hispanics who have issues with blacks because they know it’s better for their careers if they side with the more dominant race, especially when they’re signing their paychecks.

The issue of racism will never be solved but I hate the fact that so many people try to hide it. It’s crazy the amount of attention I get when I go to mostly white bars. Someone is always staring, pointing or trying to be cool with me simply because of my race. So many stuck-up white girls just walk right on past not even looking my way and I’m not a bad-looking guy at all. It’s sad that they can look at my color and instantly decide that I’m not their type; even though they have the right to – they still act like we can be friends or as if they have no issue with my race. Honestly, racism gives me motivation. It makes me want to go to these bars even more because I know all eyes will be on me. I feel bigger than I am because these people dislike me and they can do NOTHING about it. It reminds them just how far my race has come that we can walk proud in the same crown even if we aren’t wanted.

It’s really a good feeling. I wish more people could find a way to find motivation from racism, it truly does strengthen your character. It also make those people envy you even more. Racism used to strictly about color but now it has become more about envy and style. People look at blacks and hate the fact we’ve come so far and that we are leaders in style,music and sports. While everyone should be striving for peace, they’re just pretending race is not an issue – burying their hatred beneath mounds of bullshit. It’s better to just be open and have some dignity and not hiding it. If I have something derogatory to say about someone’s race then I’ll just come it and say it, not caring about what anyone thinks. I’m man enough to back my feelings up with words and that makes me better than all of you who hide behind those ugly smiles.

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