The Endless Search For Love


It’s rough being young and honest these days; especially when you’re looking for a partner. I just got in from a night out with a friend. We went to a local bar in town with mostly college kids and a mid-20’s crowd. I’m also black – which is always a “thing” for most girls. I prefer women of different races, which makes it even harder for me. The scene at the bar was pretty chill, other than the weird stares from the stuck-up college girls.

I’m not one to generally care too much for looks, but I’m not a bad-looking person so I make sure any girl I talk to is decent looking as well. This obviously makes it even tougher because the prettier they are, the more complicated they are. I’m a simple person who doesn’t want to deal with too much complication. I don’t cheat and I feel like I never will because I’m in complete control of my actions. This should automatically give me a boost over some guys but girls aren’t that good at judging a man’s character. They only care about looks from the start and that’s the wrong way to go. When I look at a girl, I try to dig a little deeper beyond the beauty. I constantly try to imagine what they could be like on the inside because I’ve always been a good judge of character myself.

I tend to try to find older women who have more experience in life. That way I know I’m not dealing with some silly young woman who likes to party a little too much. I’m only 26 and I don’t enjoy partying too much. I like sitting home, writing and relaxing. I don’t often feel the need to be doing something. I want a girl who enjoys the same things that I do. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I want a girl who’s a die-hard sports fan and love to play videogames but that does mean I want someone who’s okay with relaxing most of time or doing things that younger couple don’t usually do. Things like taking walks, going on random trips and finding other non-drinking related hobbies. All of this seems pretty normal for me but it isn’t for most girls my age.

At the moment, I feel like it’s a waste of time to worry about relationships. It’d  be nice to feel love but it just isn’t worth taking a chance. I feel like there isn’t any girl around my age that’s right for me. I’m not a totally good person but I have morals and I live a pretty average lifestyle. I know I’m good enough to be with anyone and no one can tell me otherwise. I just know I’m not being given a fair chance with certain people because of the way they are – it has nothing to do with me. What that says is that they just aren’t for me and I’m better off waiting years before I think of getting back in a serious relationship.  I things to be right finally and I know I’m ready for that. Finding a partner who is as ready is me will be an issue but I know one day I will find that someone. I may be a bit discouraged but I will not give up. I’m not the one missing out, the women who chose these no-good guys over me are the ones missing out. It’ll be fun to look back one day and say “I told you so”. Until that moment, I’ll be keeping my head low and my guard high.


8 thoughts on “The Endless Search For Love

  1. Good to know there are others out there. I’m in a similar position, but even more of an oddity at 20 yrs old. I’ve been blessed enough to have a group of like-minded friends though.It’s not that we don’t have fun or enjoy ourselves, but our definition of fun isn’t necessarily the same as the majority of others. The only downside to your post is personally, it made me slightly depressed. I’ve been hoping that as I get a few years older, there will be more individuals like myself in my peer group. If you’re encountering that issue still at 26, it shows me I have a long way to go.That’s ok though. Good things truly do come to those who wait, and I’d much prefer one solid relationship a while from now than a dozen failed attempts along the way due to impatience.
    Keep looking up!

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