As Free As I Want To Be


The world needs more free spirited people. The type of person that wakes up and puts no limits on themselves. The type that believes they could soar without wings, and without fear of falling. We need people who aren’t slaves to their own life. If we could all just be free within ourselves then we could all enjoy life to the fullest. We could live life without regret, without fear, without direction, as long as we’re alive, we have the right to be happy. Money, jobs, and materialism may be important to you, but you shouldn’t be consumed by anything, at any point in your life. We are all born free. As kids, we are free spirits, without worries, we live without boundaries, we smile at the smallest gestures, no one can do wrong in our eyes. As we grow older, most of us begin to lose sight of all freedom. In search of security, we turn in our freedom for chains. We’re bound by our own goals, lost in life, searching for answers to questions that need no answer. We strive to be rich, losing sight of the value in just being able to live, to breathe, and to love. Free yourself, express yourself, but always be yourself.


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