The Love Down Under

Find Love

If you want to find love, there’s no need to search anywhere besides deep within your soul. We all posses love inside of us. Naturally, we feel like we know when we’re in love. Love at first sight needs to explanation. It’s a unmistakable feeling, all you have to do is follow the lead of love. Your heart shows you exactly what you’re missing and you instantly feel complete. Love is puzzle, and we have every piece to that puzzle scattered beneath us, buried in our pain, waiting to be exposed. When you uncover the hidden treasure of love, you will be rich. Rich in mind, body, and soul.

We’re told that true love is between two people, but a true lover loves all. Our heart will make mistakes over and over until it knows there’s nothing wrong with loving the masses, even through the hatred. When love is the only option, there will be no need to search, only a need to chose who deserves that love. Understand that just because someone makes you feel special, doesn’t mean that they’re the one for you. Don’t ever settle. Those who settle are people who gave up. There’s always more if you want it, don’t ever get comfortable. Remember, your search starts now, from deep within you.

Free your mind, accept love, give love, and eventually you will be loved. 


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