Who Are You ?

We are who we are from the time we get our first glimpse of light, until our of last breath. You will never have to search for who you are, unless you are totally unsure yourself. Do not be unsure. Do not question your own existence, you are a human being, it is as simple as that. Whatever happens in your life isn’t what makes you, you. You birth defined you, at that very moment, there’s no need to ever wonder about who you are or anyone else, we are all JUST human being. As humans, we have free will to do whatever it is we please. Life has been stamped with too many labels. Stop right now ….. no really just stop and and ask yourself … “who am I. what makes you, you”? Any average person wouldn’t hesitate to answer that question.  

Why would they hesitate right because it’s easy to describe yourself to someone … BUT … it actually should be one of the hardest questions to answer, and that is because it’s a question that has NO answer. You could tell me I’m wrong, but I’m simple not. To prove it, tell me … who are you ? Are you John ? Are you a doctor ? Are you African-American ? Whatever your answer may be, those answers don’t make up who you are. Those are you descriptions to some of the things you do, not who you are. What you do and what you look like, doesn’t make you. What it really does is make it easier to yourself and others to understand where you’ve been and what you’ve done. If you tell me your a doctor, that just tell me what you do for work, it gives me no insight into what you are actually about. If a cop tells me he’s a cop, then to me it’d seem like he’d be putting a limit on himself. You work as a cop, you are a man in uniform. The uniform doesn’t make the man, the man makes the uniform. Working as a cop, you will be required to follow certain rules while you’re on duty.

Every man knows that there’s nothing wrong with following rules in order to keep a job, that’s just what we do to put ourselves in the best possible position in life. BUT, as soon as that uniform comes off, guess what, there’s nothing that says your now allowed to throw that rule book out the window while you’re off duty. Don’t let any job hold you back from being YOU, not a LABEL. You are not a LABEL, you are FREE to BE and act as you want, whenever you want. Do not mind the labels, do not mind anyone’s judgement, do not let anyone make you think you’re someone you’re not because you can never be someone your not, as long as you realize that labels, descriptions, and rules aren’t apart of who you are, they are just there to put a “meaning” to things. Free yourself from labels, do as you feel, live free, without labels, without limits, and you’ll never, ever be anything or anyone, you’ll just BE.


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