In The Shoes of Aaron Hernandez


Life doesn’t stop when the cameras are on. You are a person, no matter how you look, what you drive, and what you do, you are a human being just like me. I know you feel the pressure of the money, the girls, the touchdowns, but  none of that matters when the lights go off. We’re all in the dark, trying to hide our faces from the world. I never forgot that you were human who has problems just like everyone else. As a man, rich or poor, your word, your family, and your friends are all you have. They are your circle of protection. A man needs no motive to protect those in the circle.

No one knows what you feel, they will only judge you for something that you’d do 100 times over if you had to. That’s why you can live, without life. We have to live with our choices, as men, whether we are right or wrong, jailed or free, we know what it takes to protect the ones we love. Life is too complicated to make anyone believe you’re actions were justified. Most will try to erase your name from history, some will praise, some will never forget, some will mourn, some will cry, but nothing can change the reality of the situation.

You may be wondering if you will ever be forgiven, I think you will, when those who judge are thrown into your shoes, they’ll see that family comes first, at any cost, at any time, you will do anything to see your family survive, even if it means your own life. Keep your head low until the smoke clears. No one can see clearly, their judgements have all been swayed by the media, but we know that the media can’t erase the fact that you are a man who simply made a brutally necessary mistake that took the life of someone just like you, someone just like me, someone just like everyone who’s waiting to take a shot at your character, your life, and everything you stand for. Whether you’re guilty, or innocent, you’ll eventually pay for your actions.

Those actions were extreme, and every man knows he has to carry the burden of such cruel actions, but, every man is more than willing to walk around with the weight of the world as long as it means safety for his family, as long as he knows his choices were limited, if even in his own mind. As a man, I’m here to support the decision of every person just like you, who goes to extreme measure to protect those he loves. Although I do not condone any violence, I do understand the message.  You are a man, full of love, surrounded by hate, lost in a world too small to remain hidden.


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