Too Familiar


When everything becomes familiar, we have become too comfortable. All of those familiar things are constant reminders how of we have become stuck in place. Being familiar with things isn’t always bad but being familiar with everything is never good. Our goals lie in unfamiliar places, places we have yet to reach. It’s those unfamiliar things that keep us moving on. No one wants to be surrounded by the same things all the time. Eventually you will notice how everything around you becomes dull and pointless. When you realize this, you have to find some refreshment. Don’t let things get familiar. Search for something new, always.


2 thoughts on “Too Familiar

  1. Thank you for this! I agree with you, we need the new and refreshing, sometimes, to gain an awareness of the ways we want to be, to become aware of any negative cycle of thoughts- to break bad habits, or even just to keep us stimulated, it is what being alive is all about, and in the spirit of the world as a universal consciousness, I read today on Erich Fromm’s ‘To have or To Be’ that might add to this, I always find it interesting how it feels like the world exists in waves of familiar wavelengths and thoughts at various times, almost it is (as described by a delightfully insightful blogger) that it is indeed- one giant brain (although better described by them than me), reaching different levels of consciousness.

    I’ve written down the relevant paragraphs for you- I think you’ll find it interesting.


    Not to move forward, to stay where we are, to regress, in other words rely on what we have, is very tempting, for what we have, we know, we can hold onto it, feel secure in it. We fear, and consequentially avoid, taking a step into the unknown, the uncertain; for, indeed, while the step may not appear riskyto us after we have taken it, before we take that step the new aspects beyond it appear very risy, and hence frightening. Only the old, the tried, is safe; or so it seems. Every new step contains the danger of failure, and that is one of the reasons people are so afraid of freedom….

    …Yet, in spite of the security of having, people admire those with a vision of the new, those who break a new path, who have the courage to move forward. In mythology this mode of existence is represented symbolically by the hero. Heroes are those with the courage to leave what they they have_ their land, their family, their property- and move out, not without fear, but without succumbing to their fear. In the Buddha tradition the Buddha is the hero who leaves all possessions, all certainty contained in Hindu theology- his rank, his family- and moves on to a life of non attachment. Abraham and moses are heroes in the Jewish tradition. The Christian hero is Jeus, who had nothing and – in the eyes of the world- is nothing, yet who acts out of the fullness of his love for all human beings. THe greeks have secular heoes, whose aim is victory, satisfaction of their pride, conquest. Yet, like all spiritual heroes, Hercules and Odysseus move forward, undeterred by the rists and dangers that await them. The fairytale heroes meet the same criteria: leaving, moving forward, and tolerating uncertainty.

    We admire these heroes because we deeply feel their way is the way we would want to be- if we could. But being afraid, we believe that we cannot be that way, that only the heroes can. The heroes become idols; we transfer to them our own capacity to move, and then stay where we are – ‘because we are not heroes’ ”

    _Erich Fromm ‘To Have or To Be?’ Chapter VI p 88

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment on this. You are very insightful. Change is key in growth, everyone knows that, but everyone isn’t okay with change. Being familiar is okay but eventually we need to explore, you never know what life can present to you when your looking for something new. I love the paragraphs you included in the comment as well. It really opens your mind to new things by just reading them. Thank you again !

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