The Crossroad


I am at a crossroad. All the signs are scattered on the ground. I look around knowing that one of the roads leads me on a journey to happiness. I am also aware that one of these roads leads me down a familiar path, onto journey of struggle and pain. This is a road I a want to avoid, but also a road I know my way around. If only these signs guided me to security, I would have no haste, as I would have already began my mission to happiness. Not many people have gotten to this point. Those people didn’t have a chance to move forward, they fell deserted on their journeys in life. I do not want to parish, I have to make the right choice. This is not about luck, but only of faith. Faith will carry me on through the rain, over the craters, and through the fire. Faith will be my map, I follow its lead through the dark. It’s time to stop thinking and to start doing. My mind and my heart is in sync. The decision is made, I will take my first step to a better life, and I will carry the fire from the past in my heart as I travel in hopes of reaching my final destination. I will reach a place of happiness and return to the crossroad to lead my people through to share the joy on the other side.


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