Going To Vegas For Memorial Day Weekend


Four of my close friends and I, are flying out to Las Vegas on Saturday May 25th! We are in much need of some time away from our normal lives. I cannot wait to unwind in Sin City. I’m still very young and very much up for anything at any time. I haves hopes of attending some of those major parties hosted by Chris Brown, Drake, and so on. Most of all, I want to skydive. I’ve always wanted to jump of a plane and live. Vegas will give me the chance to do so. What makes this trip even more special, is the group of guys I’m going with. We have all been very close friends for more than 15 years now. I’ve seen plenty of people come and go, but it has and always will be the same for these guys. We have a strong bond and there isn’t a better group of people to have the time of my life with. I really don’t know what to expect in Vegas, besides high heat and large drunk crowds, two things that do not concern me at all. I will have no complaints about Vegas, and I know this even before I get there. Are any of my readers, or eyes passing by ever been or going to Vegas for Memorial Day Weekend? If so, let me know, what are some of the must do/see things in Vegas? Also, if you are going, it’d be nice to grab a drink, or two, or three, or four, together šŸ™‚

One thought on “Going To Vegas For Memorial Day Weekend

  1. I’ve been. My favorite was walking the strip with those long glass of frozen strawberry dacqury. But don’t do that while skydiving. Always wanted to do that too! Let us know how it went.

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