Dark Cloud


There’s a dark cloud above me. This dark cloud isn’t just any dark cloud. It rains pain and hails fire. Everywhere I go, whatever I do, I know that any second this dark cloud could unleash its fury. Some days I just stand there, looking at this cloud as it darkens my life. Some days I look through it, knowing there’s are brighter skies nearby.My forecast is dark, my emotions are drowning in the rain pouring out from the dark cloud. I am drenched in its sorrow.

I am hopeful that one day I will look up and see blue skies. This seems to be just a dream but dreaming is better than my reality. I can only escape the shadow of the cloud in my mind, and in my soul. No matter how dark the skies become, I keep a bright spot within me. A spot that the dark cloud cannot reach even with its mightiest downpours. I remain hopefully through all this darkness. I refuse to drown in pain, instead I live with hope of brighter days.

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