Let There Be Love

Today’s world is filled with a lot of hurt. It is important to spread the love everywhere you go. When you see someone down, pick them up. When you’re down, look for a hand. Don’t keep to yourself. Society has taught us to deal with our own problems, but it’s better to go through things knowing someone is by your side. Be that person by their side. Refuse to hate anyone for anything. Embrace the good, and the bad in all. Let there be love. Shine a light in the dark for those who cannot see. Lend a hand, and a heart to those who need it. Just because you are surrounded by negativity doesn’t mean you can be positive. Stay positive. Be the only one smiling in a group of frowning faces. Kill hatred with kindness. Be lively, spread the word of love, and positivity. You will break down the walls of negativity as the positive forces grow stronger around you. Show everyone how important happiness is. Show them how to live, and how to love.

3 thoughts on “Let There Be Love

  1. Thanks Brian! Our society stops reinforcing these ideas right after we stop watching Barney and Mister Rogers. We need this message of love, reason and sanity for adults!

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