Stop Crying Your Heart Out

People stay stuck on things like mice to a trap. Things happen and we somehow allows ourselves to never put it behind us. Everyday, we think about something we regret. We cannot bury these thoughts. Being stuck on the past will hold you back. There’s nowhere to move but forward. Put some things behind you and leave them there. Stop crying your heart out. You will not get that ex-girlfriend back, she is gone. That old life is over, you have responsibilities now, you have kids, you have more important things to worry about. Accept your life for what it is and reach higher than ever. Those things in the past can only live in your mind if you let them. Moving on is harder for some than it is for others. Don’t be scared to move on. Take a deep breath and live. Do not look back in search of answers. The answers are in front of you. The sky’s the limit when you can free your mind of all pity, blame, and negativity. Take a step forward, away from the darkness, into the light.

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