Going To Vegas For Memorial Day Weekend


Four of my close friends and I, are flying out to Las Vegas on Saturday May 25th! We are in much need of some time away from our normal lives. I cannot wait to unwind in Sin City. I’m still very young and very much up for anything at any time. I haves hopes of attending some of those major parties hosted by Chris Brown, Drake, and so on. Most of all, I want to skydive. I’ve always wanted to jump of a plane and live. Vegas will give me the chance to do so. What makes this trip even more special, is the group of guys I’m going with. We have all been very close friends for more than 15 years now. I’ve seen plenty of people come and go, but it has and always will be the same for these guys. We have a strong bond and there isn’t a better group of people to have the time of my life with. I really don’t know what to expect in Vegas, besides high heat and large drunk crowds, two things that do not concern me at all. I will have no complaints about Vegas, and I know this even before I get there. Are any of my readers, or eyes passing by ever been or going to Vegas for Memorial Day Weekend? If so, let me know, what are some of the must do/see things in Vegas? Also, if you are going, it’d be nice to grab a drink, or two, or three, or four, together ­čÖé


Believe In Yourself


Some of us turn to religion, some to science, I choose to turn to myself. My beliefs are just as important as any. Just because I choose to follow my own lead, doesn’t mean that I am lost. I have provided myself with guidelines to help me reach my goals. I’m different from most people, but so are you. If you find yourself lost, with few things to believe in, just believe in yourself. Be your own religion. You are smart enough to make wise choices in life, but you’re also human enough to make mistakes. We don’t need religion to tell us what’s right and what’s wrong, we know what’s good for us and what isn’t. What’s bad for one isn’t always necessarily bad for the other. If you have to take a longer road than most, well so be it. You just have to make sure that you walk that road with a certain sense of pride. Walk with your head high and your map laid out in front you. Organize your trip. Know when to start, when to rest, and when to reach out for help. ┬áNever lose hope in yourself. Have as much faith in yourself as religious types have in their God. Be your higher power, be your creator. Your mind is your most powerful tool. As long as you believe in your mind, your heart will follow. Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to be, is up to you. You have that power within you to do anything you want. You may not be able to walk on water, but you have the power to change anything within you and around you. All you have to do is just believe, in yourself.

Be Who You Want To Be !


Feel free to be whoever you want to be. There’s no fun in being the same person all the time. Find new things to do, new ways to dress, and different ways to think. You will always be you. Life is moving and changing so fast, try to keep up with the times. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re being out of character. You’re just finding ways to be different. Some people may not understand why you may be all of sudden interested in exploring untouched sides of yourself. Let those people be boring, go be fun and creative. Don’t allow empty judgmental people keep your from doing whatever you want.

You have to open your mind up to new things before you take action. You have to want to be different in order to actually be different. You cannot just fake it. It has to be within you. Stop holding back and let go for once in life. Don’t even listen to yourself if you have to. You could be the biggest roadblock in between you and change. Don’t be the one to keep you down. Feel free, be free, and live free. I’m not saying wake up and sign up for pilot courses, although that seems like a good idea to me, but what I am saying is do not tell yourself that you aren’t that type person to sign up for those courses. You are whoever you want to be, whenever you want to be. Once you realize that, you’ll start having much more fun. Be you, but be different.


Dark Cloud


There’s a dark cloud above me. This dark cloud isn’t just any dark cloud. It rains pain and hails fire. Everywhere I go, whatever I do, I know that any second this dark cloud could unleash its fury. Some days I just stand there, looking at this cloud as it darkens my life. Some days I look through it, knowing there’s are brighter skies nearby.My forecast is dark, my emotions are drowning in the rain pouring out from the dark cloud. I am drenched in its sorrow.

I am hopeful that one day I will look up and see blue skies. This seems to be just a dream but dreaming is better than my reality. I can only escape the shadow of the cloud in my mind, and in my soul. No matter how dark the skies become, I keep a bright spot within me. A spot that the dark cloud cannot reach even with its mightiest downpours. I remain hopefully through all this darkness. I refuse to drown in pain, instead I live with hope of brighter days.

Here I Am


I’ve given it my all and I still seem to fall. I’ve tried to stand tall but the ground beneath my feet rumbles and brings me down. I try to get up, but I slip, I crawl, and I fall right back in place. If I could just get to my feet, I could Walk away from the broken pavement. I could step over the cracks, onto the greener grass nearby. Here I remain, stuck, watching others stare in shame, pointing, and laughing.

They don’t know how hard it is to step froward when you’re standing on unsubtle ground. They have never been in my place, they know only what they see. They don’t know that it could be them here instead of me. One wrong turn could lead them down a broken road. Only if they’d help me, I’d help them avoid making the same mistakes I did.

I wish things were different. I wish I could walk freely, think clearly, and live peacefully. I know my position isn’t the best but I only make the best of it. Every time I get to my feet I feel a slight spark of hope. Maybe one day the rumbling beneath me will end. Eventually I will step forward and live on even grounds. Nothing can keep me down forever. I will stand tall and walk proud one day …. some day.

Let There Be Love

Today’s world is filled with a lot of hurt. It is important to spread the love everywhere you go. When you see someone down, pick them up. When you’re down, look for a hand. Don’t keep to yourself. Society has taught us to deal with our own problems, but it’s better to go through things knowing someone is by your side. Be that person by their side. Refuse to hate anyone for anything. Embrace the good, and the bad in all. Let there be love. Shine a light in the dark for those who cannot see. Lend a hand, and a heart to those who need it. Just because you are surrounded by negativity doesn’t mean you can be positive. Stay positive. Be the only one smiling in a group of frowning faces. Kill hatred with kindness. Be lively, spread the word of love, and positivity. You will break down the walls of negativity as the positive forces grow stronger around you. Show everyone how important happiness is. Show them how to live, and how to love.