When Should You Start To Trust People?


With so many negative things happening in the world today, it’s hard to fully trust anyone. I still find myself giving people the benefit of the doubt. Rather than have someone fight for my trust, I give them the liberty of being trusted from the moment we meet, especially if I believe this person could be a friend in the near future. Giving them that trust doesn’t mean that I’m going to let them borrow the keys to my car or watch over my home when I’m on vacation. It means I’m not going to deem them totally untrustworthy from the moment I meet them. You have to trust someone to some extent in order to build a friendship with that person. It makes it easier on the both of you to bond. Don’t find yourself avoiding certain conversations or activities because you think someone cannot be trusted. Take the opportunity to get to know that person instead of letting your lack of trust keep them at a distance. As we grown older and become wiser, we should be able to identify the good in people as well as the bad. Trusting someone should become an easier task for you at some point in life. Let your opinions and feelings toward someone grow naturally, do not try to control them. Trust is a gift that should be shared early in a friendship. If one doesn’t deserve to be trusted, their true colors will eventually come to light.



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