Keep Your Friends Close And Your Enemies Closer


Ever hear the term “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”? This isn’t just some witty saying , it’s a lesson in life that everyone should understand. Your enemies in life can teach you a lot about yourself without you even realizing it. Your enemies aren’t afraid to tell you things that a friend might avoid. Enemies may be people you dislike but that doesn’t mean you should keep your distance from them. It’s good to keep your enemies close enough to keep a watchful eye on them.

Listen to what your enemies are saying about you. It’s important to know why someone feels so negatively towards you. If you can understand why it is they hate you, that could teach you how to love your friends even more. It’s just like learning from a mistake. Enemies tell you things you may not want to hear but some of those things are things you may need to hear. You could be overlooking your own flaws. A rival may be able to teach you more about yourself than a friend can. People who you deem enemies are keeping a close eye on your every move. They may dislike you but they want to watch your every step so they’re there to see you fall.

Watch them as they watch you. Learn from their success and their mistakes. Keep them close and have your friends watch over you. See how much you pick up from their negativity. Try to turn those negatives into positives. You have to realize that the more you displease an enemy, the more it is you’re pleasing a friend. Know your enemies weaknesses and their strengths, because there’s a chance they know yours. Walk side by side with an enemy, see who they relate to, know what they like, feel what they feel, so this way they can’t surprise you. The friends of your enemies are also your enemies. If you know who they associate with then you’ll know who to say away from. You have your best friends, now decide who’s your worst enemy. You need to keep them close in order to stay a step ahead.



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