What If We Got To Choose Our Fate After Death?


One of life’s biggest mysteries is what happens to the human life after death. We have been left to wonder about the answer to that question as far back as the birth of mankind. It’s obvious that I cannot provide an answer to that question. Hypothetically speaking …. What if we were given a choice as to what happens after we passed away? I could imagine that some of us would choose Heaven, some may want their spirits to remain close to their loved ones, while some may have a darker vision of the afterlife. If I were given a choice to choose my own destiny after death, I personally would want to be reborn while retaining all knowledge obtained in my previous life.

I would choose that outcome because I find it hard to truly understand the importance of life in the short span of one lifetime. We tend to learn how valuable life is as we age and become wiser. Some grasp that value earlier than others and some of us learn a little too late. What if we knew those values at birth? I imagine we would live our lives completely different from how we lived the first time around. We would make better decisions for ourselves if we already knew the consequences behind those decisions. We’d use that knowledge we learned from our previous lives to carefully plan our next steps. We would use that wisdom as a map to a treasure buried deep within ourselves.

Some would say it would be unfair to be born with such knowledge, but think about how much of a difference it would make if everyone were already prepared for the true glory of life. Criminals wouldn’t resort to crime because they wouldn’t want to make the same mistakes they did in their previous lives. Wars would be avoided because we’ve already seen the damage done by the violence. No one would go poor because we’d already know the pain of poverty. Students wouldn’t be blindly thrown into the educational system. Schools would be crammed with kids who now know just how important education really is. We’d all know how to love and be aware of how damaging hate can be. We’d be able to rebuild the world with a vision of peace and equality.

Everyone will not agree with me and I can understand why that is. Some say living once is hard enough, but would those people want to live again if the world was truly a peaceful place? I may be mistakenly giving people the benefit of the doubt by thinking they’d live their second life in complete peace and positivity. I just couldn’t imagine anyone not wanting a better life for themselves. You’d have the knowledge to do and be anything you wanted. This knowledge would enable you to make better plans for your future. The fear of failing twice in life should be enough for someone to at least try to avoid falling into the same hole. In the end … Which decision would you make?

I’m sorry if I offended anyone in this post. I am not questioning anyone’s religious beliefs. This is me hypothetically speaking of my own choices. Thank You !


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