Trading In Old Habits For A Fresh Start

new-life fresh start

I’ve recently rebooted and gave myself a chance at a fresh start. My second life has now begun. The days of partying every weekend is over for me. Honestly, I am happier now than I ever was then. It was fun going out with my friends, getting drunk and having a ball, but I will never get that time back. Today, I am more about getting things done and focusing on my future. I have so many things I want to do in life. All the partying had to come to end in order for me to really see things clearly. I still go out every once in a while, but normally to congratulate myself on accomplishing goals. Getting drunk and going out is kind of an award now. Back then, I just did it to escape my problems after long stressful weeks. I realized that I had to face the stress head on. My solution called for more working and less playing. Now I have more time to write, work, think, and prepare for the future. I spend my time so much more wisely now than I did before. I never thought being so isolated could be so much fun. I take pride in working toward better things in life. When I’m all settled and I’m able to kick my feet up, that’s when I’ll start to get back out there and enjoy myself. It won’t feel like I’m wasting my time out at clubs when I have met my goals. This is a new me, aiming for new things in my second life. It will be a challenge but I’m more than ready to excel in life.

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