Relationship Issues of the Younger Generation

As a 25-year-old adult, I am associated with a lot of people my age or younger. This gives me a chance to get a closer look at how my generation is moving along in life. In some aspects, we are going a fairly decent job. There is one aspect in which I think we are failing miserably at in and that’s relationships/love. We could do much better as people if we take a look at some of the things we’re doing wrong and put forth the effort to make a lasting change. From here I’d like to point out some of the reasons we are doing such a terrible job at being lovers and maintaining healthy relationships.


HAVING CHILDREN – Being so young, it’s not such a great idea to have kids of your own. You are still learning how to be an adult yourself. To make matters even worse, most of these kids are growing up without one of their parents in the picture. Young kids today are so quick to give up on their partners or to screw their relationship up in some way. I have so many friends and people I know who have cheated on their pregnant girlfriends or girls who are pregnant who leave their partners in search of something “better”. These people are not taking their future or their children’s future serious enough. They are being selfish when it comes to the fact that a child needs both parents in their lives. Being separated from your partner will eventually take its toll on your child at some point in their lives. I’m old school and I truly want to wait to have kids until I’m married. I know that’s a hard thing to do but the fact that I’m actually trying to do it makes a difference. This generation needs to be more careful before and after they have kids. If you do find yourself with a child on the way, do whatever you can to keep your relationship healthy, not only for yourselves but for your child.


UNHEALTHY LIFESTYLES – Many young people are moving at high speeds in life. Drinking, drugs, and partying. Being involved in these things will eventually cost you a relationship or two. It’s very hard want to marry someone who is constantly out doing drugs and partying. I know people who don’t even do drugs or party but they surround themselves with people who do. This also isn’t something that’s going to help your relationship, it will only hurt. If your partner doesn’t drink, or party as much as you, they will eventually either join you or get tired of seeing you leave them for such activities. It’s best to remain single if you know you like to surround yourself with drugs and alcohol.


BAD TIMING – Timing is an important aspect of any relationship but it is commonly overlooked. Rushing into a relationship is done far to often by people my age. Some of us can’t stand to be lonely so we are on a constant search for a partner. Most of time we rush things and we’re not even close to being ready to handle a  serious partnership. If you know you don’t have time to be with someone then why would you waste their time? We have to be patient when looking for someone we want to spend the rest of our lives with. Love is a process and not something you can force by jumping into bed with someone. Rushing into a relationship doesn’t give you enough time to even get to know that person. You may overlook some things that you won’t like in the future, things that could destroy your kinship.


GOALS – No one knows how our futures will pan out. When you’re in a relationship, you don’t worry about it, but you should. Being so young, there’s a chance you aren’t at the point in life where you are financially or emotionally ready to settle down. This could mean that you aren’t happy with the position you’re in and you know you have to work twice as hard as anyone to reach those goals. This is not the time for you to focus on anything else other than work and putting yourself in position to be able to take care of a family. There are people out there who will stuck by your side no matter how bad you’re doing or how unsure of the future you are. Most people want to feel secure about their financial futures before they think about marriage or children. It’s best you have goals and are ready to have to work harder because your family will need you to do so. Being a 20 something adult, you may not even have a full-time job or any plans to reach your goals. At this point, you have to figure those things out before you drag someone else into the situation. Get yourself settled before you settle down with that special someone.


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