Prisoner of Sin


Sin has kept me prisoner inside of my own mind. My thoughts blinded and smothered by smoke and my actions influenced by darkness. There was a time when I was free, where I made concious and caring decisions. Too much freedom has left me bound. I lived as if there was no tomorrow and today I am trapped. I was lured in by greed and captured by sin. Madly chasing hazy dreams, I fell victim to my own substandard. Instead of believing in tomorrow, I was hopeless for today. I was hurrying my own actions instead of pacing myself. Before I knew it, I was lost. There was no one to pull me up or drag me along. I was stuck in pit as the prisoner of sin, lost and lonely, begging for freedom. I will do my time in this unforgiving hole only to rise, free of all vices and ready to live free of all sin.


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