The Darkness Within


Inside of us all there lies a deep inner evil. The darkness which sits lurking behind every inch of light. We keep it shackled in the cellar of our souls. It’s an evil capable of impairing our every thought. It is best kept in the undermost lairs of our emotions. Its release would start the clock to an untimely demise of our true being. In order to remain above the gloomy pit of fire which burns below the gentleness in us, we must crawl toward the light that is breaking through the cracks of the pit walls. If one finds himself engulfed in the flames of evil, there will be no way back to safety. That dark seed planted in our souls doesn’t bloom in the light. In fear of losing all hope in the battle to survive your own demons, it is important to accredit faith as your only savior. With that belief, the darkness will remain a prisoner of hope, trapped behind the walls of good, eliminating that deep evil that lies within us all.


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