The Laws of Attraction

beautiful woman

Looking back through the years, my attraction to women as changed drastically. I remember the days when I was infatuated with girls who had long hair, a fit body, flawless skin, bright eyes, and perfect teeth. Looking back, I guess you can say I was a pretty shallow person or you can just say I was young. Believe it or not but movies, television, magazines, and friends influenced how I thought a beautiful girl should look. I wasn’t a bad looking person so I figured that I had a shot with any girl I crossed paths with. Of course that wasn’t the case and I constantly found myself going for girls way out of my league. Although these girls were very pretty, they had really reserved personalities and were very picky about whom they associated with.

As time went by I started to notice that my eyes would start to follow girls that didn’t fit my usual mold of beauty. I didn’t know why but I started to become more attracted to many different types of women. I was no longer intrigued by the obvious features of a sexy woman. I found myself falling for girls with shorter hair, average bodies, glasses, and shy personalities. No, I wasn’t trying to pick up on girls who had low self-esteem or anything. These girls were just as proud of themselves as any hot woman would be, if not more proud. I took some chances and I got to meet some of these girls and I found that I had more in common with them than I did with any other females. I quickly started to care less about their looks and more about who they were.

As time went on I realized that it wasn’t the type if woman I liked that was changing, instead it was me who was changing. I was growing older and much wiser. Looks became less and less important to me as the years rolled on. I was feeling like a brand new person. I eventually became totally interested in a woman’s personality. I could now also look at a woman and get an idea about who she was, what she liked, and if I thought we’d make decent friends. I always had this ability to read people, I wasn’t always right but I was good enough with it to trust those feelings when I had them. I wasn’t out there falling for every girl in sight, I was just more confident in myself and in the type of girls I associated myself with, so it made it easier for me to approach them.

Girl in glasses

It was no longer all about hair, eyes, and bodies for me. It became all about the heart and brain. Since that transformation, I’ve had more positive and longer lasting relationships with women, not just as partners but as friends as well. I know most men wouldn’t think twice before choosing the more beautiful woman over plain Jane but I’m the one who’d give them both an equal opportunity. I don’t overlook beautiful women but they need to have a good personality, substance, goals, and a kind heart for me to even consider befriending them in hopes of a relationship.

It’s not that the prettier woman aren’t smart or kind, it’s that now I’m not overlooking the average looking females. As we get older we all start to lose our looks and fit bodies. What we never lose sight of is who we are on the inside. I guess instead of seeing women from the outside in, I’m now seeing them from the inside out. I feel like I have a better idea about what type of person I want to spend the rest of my life with and what type of woman I don’t even want to spend a day with. I’m not taking anything away from the models of the world but I am trying to give more credit to those plain Janes’ of the world. Everyone deserves a chance to be loved by anyone.

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