Distant Generations


As a 25 year old, it’s safe to say that I belong to the new generation. Past generations have all had their own styles and ways of doing things. Some would say that my generation is the most problematic and hopeless generations of them all. Kids brought up with bad morals, careless parents, economy crisis, violence, and drug abuse. I’m not denying the fact that life today is pretty complicated for the youth but I refuse to believe that we have no hope. We aren’t perfect but we deserve respect. A respect that’s been lost between us and our elders. We’ve become two groups of people who have nothing in common and are forced to live and breathe the same air.

It seems as if there will always be this battle between generations. One relationship I share with my mother’s boyfriend is a prime example of that battle. We come from two completely different places, with two completely different ways of doing things. I go right, he goes left, he goes up, and I go down. Two complete opposite people that have to somehow bond because of the relationship we share with my mother.

My mother’s boyfriend and I have had our battles throughout the years. He saw me as a kid from a generation that didn’t appreciate anything. I saw him as a man from a generation that didn’t know anything about my generation. We instantly clashed. I personally didn’t have an issue with how he did things or what he thought of me or my peers. It seemed like it was a bigger deal to him. He was and still is the type of person that’s good at doing things with his hands. A real blue collar worker with some military and construction background. Me being his opposite, I always approached the situation with my brain. I was good with computers and thinking of safer and more efficient ways of getting things done opposed to his hands on style.

My way was never good enough for him and His way couldn’t cut it when I needed his assistance. This went on for years. Even though we had this common disagreement about everything, we both knew that we needed each other because truthfully, there was no one else around to help. That realization really opened up both of our eyes. There was no reason to fight about who’s way is right or who’s generations was smarter, it was time to use our strengths to make up for the other’s weaknesses. I was the one planning things, using the computer to find materials we needed, and information we could use to aid us in projects around the house or on jobs we did together when helping family members. He was the one who executed the plan and lead the way when it was time for the physical side of our equation.

We had found a way to connect the distance between our generations. The less time we spent arguing, the more time we had to get things done. We stopped caring about which of us were right, who’s generation was smarter, why we were wrong and started caring about having one goal and helping each other reach that goal. Things started to run a lot smoother between us from there on out. We had solved an everlasting problem between two generations. We found a way to stop discriminating against one another’s abilities or lack there of and started to teach each other to be just as sharp as the other in their own respected fields. Now If our divided generations could see how things how we see them, we wouldn’t have this resentment towards each other. We could come together and work as a unit so there won’t be a gap between the generations of the near and distant future.

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