If I Ruled The World


If I ruled the world there would be no tragedies. We wouldn’t have to look over our shoulders in fear. If this world were mine, everyone would be safe. There would be no religions to follow as my people would only believe in peace. We wouldn’t worry about the afterlife, we would only worry about the things we can control in our lives. If the world was mine, there would be no one left behind. There would be nobody left out on the streets, no one struggling to find a bite to eat. I would starve just so my people wouldn’t know what it felt like to be hungry.

In my world, there would be no laws. Everyone would be happy, there would be no need for crime. There would be no jails or cells to deprive anyone of life. The schools and hospitals would be as big as cities. Everyone would embrace the importance of learning and being successful. In my world respect will be given to all. There would be no need to fight because everyone would rather show love instead. There would be no arguing because everyone’s opinions and actions would not be judged.

If I ruled the ruled. Everyone would have friends. No one would ever feel lonely because someone will always be by their sides. Everyday would be celebrated as if it were a holiday. Wars would be replace with parties, weapons with hugs, and death with life. My world will be equal, no land would be divided. There will be no race classifications because being human is the only classification that matters. We will learn to express our feelings even to strangers. We will all want the next man to be just as happy as we are. In my world there will be no questions because we would all have the answers. If I ruled the world, we’d all live forever and we’d all live together.


10 thoughts on “If I Ruled The World

  1. Without all of the things you wouldn’t have – people wouldn’t know happiness, contentment, the feelings of success or achievement – in order to feel the light, you have to know the dark….

    1. Yes exactly. The people of this new world would have already experienced these things in the old world. They will be familiar with pain and failure. the new world will free them of all that negativity.

      1. Interesting thought. However, negative things move people to action – motivate people to make changes and take on challenges.

        Your world sounds awesome – but I fear I would have no place in it. Some days I just want my husband to fight with me just because. 🙂

      2. Thanks. We are obviously from two different worlds. If you read my posts and see where I come from and what i’ve been through than you too would enjoy a pain free world. I’ve been through enough negativity for the both of us. In order to want bad things to happen you couldn’t have experienced too much of it. It’s fine and I respect your views but my world isn’t made for everyone either 🙂

      3. Brian, I too, have gone through some pretty negative things – very painful things. But all of those things made me the person I am today – and I think that is a pretty awesome person – so I wouldn’t want to change that for the world (for myself). However, if you could save three spots for my children, I would be very happy about that, because I don’t want them to ever feel pain. Although they will. 😦

      4. Yes like I said I too have been through so much. I don’t doubt that you havent had your share of pain but my problems were catastrophic at times. They too made me who I am today and I wouldn’t change that but looking forward in life I would love to live in peace forever. I’ve already learned all I need from pain and negativity. I don’t need any further lessons there lol. I enjoy your views and it’s not always bad to someone to not agree with you. I respect you still and your kids are more than welcomed. I still feel like you deserve just as much unlimited happiness as me and anyone else 🙂 thanks for reading and commenting

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