The Light


I’m as still as a mannequin, in the darkness. A light breaks through the black. I’m staring at the light. I am surrounded by darkness and have been for a long time. This light is calling. It’s coming closer but I can only wonder. It’s howling silence vibrates my eardrums. I’m as still as a nail but my insides tremble. I can feel my blood going cold. This light has consumed me. The closer it gets, the more free I become. I can think now, so …. what will I do? What will it do? I don’t care … there’s nothing worst than this darkness. If the light breaks me, I will fall with hope. If not, I wonder if things could get even darker? Will that light ever come back?


4 thoughts on “The Light

  1. I learn a lot from darkness.I love Darkness but i love light more than Darkness.
    I want to live with light but I dont want to left darkness…..

  2. There’s not much I know about darkness apart from what I’ve heard from others, what I think about darkness, my doubt and loneliness. And what i’ve seen.

    There will always be darkness and light. But the shade that life appeals the most is grey.
    That’s when life is at it’s grandest.
    Let light and darkness meet, and overcome each other.

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