There’s a storm in my brain
I hear the thunder in my head
My tears are raining down
I swim through my emotions

Stress forms hurricane force winds
Pushing against my insides, forcing me ahead
The black cloud that followed me for years is
unleashing a storm years in the making

My memories are buried in snow
lost, cold, waiting to be uncovered
I leave tracks for someone to find me
In case I never come back

The perfect storm lies within me
Giving up would be easy
But my heart provides me warm shelter
On an endlesss search for sunshine

2 thoughts on “Brainstorm

  1. I have a very close person that have this same emotions going on inside of him, but I can’t understand him like he would like for me or someone to understand.

    One important step is accepting, then, letting go. Then get all the wits you have in you, and pave the way that you want for yourself and others. By searching, guidance, hearing your inner thoughts, and making it possible by taking the steps.

  2. The storm in my head

    Thought and emotions are being kept aside.
    Tended from afar.
    Every ones in a while they spear my consciousness
    as if saying ‘hear me out’

    And I cant help but wonder in them.

    But to wonder is not to change.
    And I need a change. But i’m afraid to take it.
    Afraid of being alone. How am I going to make it?
    where are my answers, my directions?

    The typical capitalized, developed way of living has showed
    me and many others to look for the answers outside.
    To misguide us. To stray us from the flow of life.

    And it has been quite difficult to chose and make a path
    that may seem contradictory to the main popular belief.
    Like Swimming upstream.

    But hey, life supports fishes that swim upstream
    more than the mainstream. For mainstream is

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