To me, there’s nothing better than a good ol’ conspiracy theory. The validity of the theory isn’t really important to me. My brain seems to have a whole section reserved for conspiracy theories … and sports, movies … but we’ll get into that another time. I’m going to name a few theories, what I want you to do is see how your brain reacts with each mentioned theory.

The New World Order



Theses are world-famous conspiracy theories. I can almost guarantee that every America has spent their share of time wondering if there’s any truth to some of those theories. Without some people even knowing it, conspiracy theories have changed the course of history. extraterrestrial beings are the worlds oldest conspiracy theory. Whether we think aliens exist or not doesn’t change the fact that they are a reality. Movies, television, books, the thoughts of little green men has amassed millions and millions of dollars.

Conspiracy theories date as far back as the Bible. Jesus himself has also caught the eye of conspirators . There’s still debate whether if Jesus had  a wife, or if he did not in fact die on a cross. Hollywood thrives on conspiracy, turning questions into full length films. The tragic day of September 11, 2001 will also be forever drowning in conspiracy. Theories that received national headlines.

“Just before the fifth anniversary of the attacks, mainstream news outlets released a flurry of articles on the growth of 9/11 conspiracy theories,with an article in Time stating that “[t]his is not a fringe phenomenon. It is a mainstream political reality.”Several surveys have included questions about beliefs related to the September 11 attacks. An August 2007 Zogby poll commissioned by found that 63.6% of Americans believe that Arab fundamentalists were responsible for 9/11 while 26.4% believed that “certain elements in the U.S. government knew the attacks were coming but consciously let them proceed for various political, military and economic reasons” – Wikipedia Page on 9/11 Theories 

As a writer I certainly have an extraordinary appreciation for conspiracy. I would talk theories all day … if I were paid for it.  Honestly, no one should ever doubt anything. Theorists are almost insane in the eyes of some people, people who refuse to imagine endless possibilities.

One thought on “Conspiracy ?

  1. Conspiracy theories will drive you crazy! 😉

    The craziest conspiracy theory of recent times has got to be the THEORY that Saddam Hussein was CONSPIRING with his military to manufacture and hide WMD’s and use them against the west. The people who believed in this conspiracy theory were so mad and paranoid they actually took out massive fraudulent bank loans (in the names of future generations) and spent all the money ($3000 a second on average) invading a sovereign nation and murdering a million people!

    Eventually this conspiracy theory was proved to be wrong. No evidence of WMD’s was ever found. The main promoters of this conspiracy theory (Blair and Bush) were eventually found guilty of war crimes under the terms of the Geneva convention.

    But despite being proved wrong many people STILL believe in this conspiracy theory and they are still borrowing more money and murdering more people every day!

    Then there are the 9/11 conspiracy theories. Some people believe the conspiracy theory promoted by the government and the media, while other people believe a different conspiracy theory promoted by another group of people who admit censoring key evidence

    A criminal gang does not care if everyone in the world has a conspiracy theory about their criminal activities. You cannot convict someone based on a theory. Criminals only care if people have hard facts and empirical evidence. If a criminal gang was really clever they might even invent a bunch of wacky conspiracy theories about the very crime they had just committed and then encourage people to pick one of these theories and argue with each other endlessly about them for years and years until everyone is sick and tired of the whole damn subject!

    What is the opposite of ‘conspiracy theory A’? ……. Is it ‘conspiracy theory B’?… or it is a rational scientific investigation which uses empirical evidence to determine conclusive FACTS?

    The opposite of any theory cannot be another theory – it has to be facts, evidence and provable truth 🙂

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