The Rolling Stones once made a song called “Time Is On My Side“. For them that might have been true, but time is not on everyone’s side. Sure if you’re a bunch of international superstars, it’s easier for you to get things done because of the extraordinary number of resources you have. Time management isn’t as simple for Joe Schmo.

It isn’t a matter of the amount of time you spend living your life. It’s more a matter of how important you think that time is. I can’t begin to stress how important every second of life truly is. The value of a minute has gone down in recent years. The raise in crime, financial issues, family problems, all these things seem to be spiraling out of control for Americans especially.

I’m not saying that everyone who values time is going to be a saint but what I am saying is that if one values time, they should be able to use that time wisely. If you don’t already, make yourself believe that you could die at any second. Think about what things you’d spend less time doing and the things you’d put more time into. The clocks are ticking and eventually death will be a reality. Every second of your life is worth embracing with an understanding that life is not to be taken for granted.

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