You’re only going to be alive one time … so I think. Some people go through life thinking they have this endless timeline. Some people believe that their time is very limited. I’m not to decide or judge on who’s right but what I do know is that we have time and it isn’t important to dwell on how much of it we have. In whatever time, short or long, we have to use it wisely. Do not constantly put things aside because you feel like it can wait. If you have your mind set on doing something, do it. Time allows you to get things done, whether it be fast or slow, get it done. It’s essential not to rush, but to constantly work towards a goal. Some steps are small, some steps are those of giants, but all steps, big or small … get you closer to your goals. Don’t put a limit on things … Live timeless.

2 thoughts on “The Time Is Now

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