“I’m tired of getting the short end of the stick”, “there’s no opportunities”, “why do I have to do this” ? Well cry me a damn river will you and while you’re at it … hop in ! That may sound harsh, but I’m honestly a very compassionate person … for the most part. The part of me that isn’t is the part of me that’s tired of people whining and complaining about how life is selling them short. Listen, life isn’t selling you short, you’re just short on life. We can’t all be rich, famous, or even successful. I understand we may all want to be but it just doesn’t work like that.

Look, I’ve been down … and I mean at the bottom. Most people couldn’t even walk a mile on some of the roads I’ve been down. Try being homeless, try losing your father to cancer, try being in jail for something you didn’t do and then you’ll understand why it’s a waste of time to let the frustrations of life hold you back from moving on. At one point we were all happy, then we grew up, then we adjusted and kept on with our lives and chased our dreams.

We did not let the bad things overcome us. We used the negative and throw it into the fire of positivity. Don’t get me wrong, I know it gets hard and I know you want to express how you feel, but if you’re not doing anything to help yourself then I, nor anyone else wants to hear it. Come to me for guidance, I’ll be there to help, but I won’t watch you sit there and let things continue to stress you without even attempting to iron out the wrinkles in your life.


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